Roger Goodell Feels Off-Field Issues Should Affect Hall Of Fame Eligibility

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by SRW, May 23, 2010.

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    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said last week that personal behavior, including off-field behavior, should contribute to the qualifications for enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Goodell's remarks, expressed during an interview with PFT, are in sharp contrast to those of his predecessor, Paul Tagliabue. But Goodell, who noted that the Hall of Fame determines qualifications for enshrinement without his direction, insisted a player's entire body of character should be considered: "I do believe that it's more than just how you conduct yourself on the field. I believe very firmly that it's how you conduct yourself on and off the field as a member of the National Football League. That's part of your contribution to the game. These are decisions the Hall of Fame is going to have to make, not me. But if you ask me a specific question, 'Is it just their contributions on the field and their statistics?' I don't think that's the case. I think it's about what you contribute to the game of football." The issue arose recently after Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor was arrested and charged with felony rape in New York. Taylor has denied wrongdoing through his attorney.

    Source: USA Today
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    Thats the final nail in Marshawn Lynch's HOF coffin
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    It's a new era in the sport. With these guys making millions and millions of dollars they have more opportunities to get in trouble and to think they are "entitled." In years past we didn't have players beating up their wives and carrying guns like it's the old west. Unfortunately the times have changed and the players have changed with it. Players should be held accountable for their actions whether on or off the field. It's not enough to be a great should have to actually be a good human being, too.

    You go, Goodell! Now get that rookie pay scale in place and all will be right with the world!
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    In some of their defenses, you have people out there that WANT to see them buried or stripped of what they have. Not trying to justify a Pacman, that's dumb, but when you look at where some of these guys came from and the environment they grew up with, it's hard to tell them "don't worry, no one's out to get you". My own personal solution would be "stay out the club, throw your own party"
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    IMO it doesnt matter where they come from or such it about making common sense decisions...........

    but i dont think that there personal life and or indiscretions should affect their HOF eligibly.........its the HOF for FB not football and being a good person
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    The exact same thing has gone on forever. Money didn't make a new breed of moron. They've been around from the start of sports. Biggest difference is the media of yesteryear ignoring the off field antics & reporting the sports while nowadays it's a dirt digging, news breaking effort to uncover the new scandal.

    Sure, it'd be great to have all your athletes be exemplary citizens also but the HOF is about the greatest players on the field. If Goodell gets his wish, first job would be to empty a good portion of players already in.

    If a player is still allowed to play in the NFL per they're own rules, then their play should be the ultimate gauge IMO. If I wanted all saints in the HOF, I'd go watch a church league. Then again, I'm sure I'd find some sinners there too.

    In an ideal world, great premise but in a realistic world, ridiculous.
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  8. Crowned

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    Any elite NFL athlete should be eligble for the football Hall of Fame. These players shouldn't be expected to make it in the model citizens hall of fame as well. They put blood, sweat, and tears in the game of football for several years and if someone is great enough on the field to be considered for the hall of fame then damn what they did off the field.
  9. mike oxlong

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    As long as OJ is still in there, Goodell can't say crap.
  10. K Train

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    thats funny cause i think on field things should influence it
  11. DawkinsINT

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    I wonder what Pete Rose thinks of Goodell.
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    Is Bobby Lane in the HOF? Is Paul Hornung? Partying and bad behavior have been going on for a long time. There's a fine line between a few beers and someone who kills someone I guess. I don't know and I am not the judge of it all but not sure I want my kid thinking it's ok to kill and rape and all and still be "imortalized" in a hof building. But I don't think Pete Rose should be blackballed from baseball hof cause he gambled.

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