San Deigo WR Patrick Crayton Paints Dallas HC Wade Phillips As Soft

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    Patrick Crayton no longer reports to work at Valley Ranch, but he can still create some waves around these parts by opening his mouth. Crayton, the veteran receiver who was traded to the Chargers for a late-round draft pick just before final cuts, was pretty frank this week when asked about Wade Phillips. “Wade is very, very laid back to where you'd want him to tighten up on some of the young guys and he wouldn't,â€￾ Crayton said during an appearance on 1090 AM in San Diego. “And just when you think he is, he backs off and wouldn't say anything." Crayton also confirmed that Phillips had “nothing to do with the offense in Dallas,â€￾ saying he was just a defensive coach. That doesn’t exactly paint a portrait of a head coach with complete authority.

    Patrick Crayton paints Wade Phillips as soft - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas

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    That's what I said in the post about Wade bringing in refs to help with the teams penalty problems. Can you imagine Belicheck doing that?:icon_rolleyes:
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    nope i cant imagine any of those coaches that came from Bill Parcells coaching line doing that........
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    wow, what, a, revalation !
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    exactly. is crayton saying anything we didn't already know?