Seahawks Say Chris Johnson Won't Reach 2K Yards In Their House

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by SRW, Jan 2, 2010.

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    The Seahawks figure to get a face full of NFL rushing leader Chris Johnson, who needs 128 yards to become the sixth 2,000-yard rusher in league history and while they're at it, the Tennessee Titans wouldn't mind elevating their second-year standout past Eric twinkyerson's all-time single-season record of 2,106, though that would require a monstrous 234-yard game by the speedster. The Seahawks have surrendered just one 100-yard game all season to an opposing back -- the 207 by San Francisco's Frank Gore in Week 2 -- and have no inclination to let Johnson run roughshod over them in the season finale. "Not in our house, that's the motto," Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill said with a smile. "He's been ripping the league all year. We're going to do our best to try to stop him, obviously, because we don't want any back to get 100 on us. So 128 is a little over our limit. I'm pretty sure they're going to try to get it for him. If they've got to get him 40 or 50 carries, why not? They're not playing for the playoffs or anything. So it would be a good team goal to get a back to 2,000. We understand that."

    Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer
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    lol..... lol
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    If I were the Seahawks, I wouldn't want Chris Johnson to go to the 2,000 yard mark in Qwest Field either. So i'm guessing thats how the Seahawks are motivated for this game.
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    Could he reach 2,000 yards, yes could he break Eric twinkyersons record not at all.
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    eh, the seahawks run defense is average and they are prone to giving up some big runs. however, if this gets them motivated for an otherwise meaningless game, then that is good.
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    Not for a second do I believe that the Seahawks has what it takes to prevent Cj from making 2,000.

    Mora Jr seems to be making a habit of making teams underachieve...
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    He might reach 2K. No way he comes near twinkyerson (or Jamal)
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    Just guessing that CJ is more amped than ever after hearing this and will probably go 200+.
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    LOL, he'll get like 228 now.
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  11. ball in the baskett

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    You know hes ridiculously good when you think 128 is a very manageable number. I think he will do it people said he would hit a wall but hes been running through the walls.
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    Johnson is kind of like DeAngelo Williams in Carolina- you may bottle him up for a while, but all he needs is one hole and it's over. 2,000 yards is already locked up, the Seahawks are just fodder for the party.
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    The seahawks run d isnt all that bad there 14th should be pretty interesting but most likley they wont stop him.