The New OFFICIAL Hangout Thread V4.0!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Mike, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. 86WARD

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    The old bait and switch?
  2. Tarkus

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    Let's try it out...

  3. Tarkus

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    Apparently it's not extensive enough...
  4. Tarkus

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    It'd be hysterical if it turned out to be CAPS LOCK that did us in...
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  5. Jihad Joe

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    Did you know:

    Liz Phair sings the Dragon Tales theme song

    So basicly the woman that sang the Dragon Tales theme song also sang the words "Ill heck you and your minions too" and "give me your hot white cum"
  6. Steve12

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    Pretty funny but a paycheck's a paycheck lol
  7. Mike

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    its 3am
    wheres the freaking donuts at
  8. ragman

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    Always the M word, isn't it?:(
  9. ragman

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    For the record, I was angry. I wanted to be heard and get my point across to The GIF Member Whose Name Must Never Be Mentioned. If he does not like it, he knows where the door is to leave. He'd better not let it hit him where the good Lord split him.
  10. Steve12

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  11. 86WARD

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  12. themush

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  13. ragman

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    Man overbored!
  14. DontKnowMe

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  15. Kurt

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    after removing 300,000 + curse words - google kicked it back and told me we still violated terms.. so I did a google image search " girls" and OY MY I had to hide the laptop screen from my kids.. after saving several 100 photos for my personal library I had to delete those old threads.. waiting to hear back from the mighty G.
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  16. 86WARD

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  17. ragman

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    That's stupid.
  18. Walnuts

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  19. Tarkus

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    Makes sense to me...

    If this is where the money comes from for posters to post for free, can't see where the problem is. 'He who has the gold, makes the rules'.

    When I 1st signed up, I had a post edited for a model covered in suds which coincided with what amounted to a small bikini. Years later, all posts were lacking was in the 'money shot' category. Surprised things went went south on those standards & not surprised Google ultimately pulled out the steel toed boots.

    I used to try to throw any funds I could to the cause but it doesn't seem like the majority feel the same around here is what it is.

    I come to a MB for an outlet of a lifestyle of working 60 - 80 hours a week & it's more for me than anything else. If someone converses, I enjoy it but when I get no feedback, doesn't bother me none. However, I will say that it bugs me when posters who do the heavy lifting around get no props or are routinely ignored. It smacks of the internet 'clique' that most nowadays adhere to.

    Sure, there's posters who some will be drawn to for various reasons but there's also others who post informative/current threads/posts that posters get for 'free' & they won't even give the time of day. Can't expect people to craft their lives around some sort of 'obligation' to post but a sense of community spurs some to do just that.


    Ward: Just how many threads does this guy have to put out to inspire posters to at least take an interest to comment in those threads? Don't tell me posters aren't reading them; they're current issues. It's like the kid that can see the movie screen at a drive-in from outside & then babyes when the drive-in shuts down. You gotta give some, to get some.

    Sportsguy: He's treated like a red headed stepchild but all he does is show up to make it easier to get current stories in a community setting than the sterile atmosphere of a ESPN/CBS/FoxSports. He shows up in a thread like this i.e. post tramps, & says 'what's up, Gif?' & no one takes the time to say 'hey'.

    markez/ICECOLD/Steve12/Cap'n Stubing/DaBears/etc./etc./etc.: I'm sure I'm missing some, & I apologize, but guys like this have a passion for the sports & the community & the majority that show up don't say a word or if they show up, are tired of the internet politics. That's the state of the world nowadays to a great degree but when folks back off the common thread of community, it's just waving the white flag. I don't like the state of affairs none but I'll be damned if I go along with it.

    Color commentary; rags, Walnuts, Jihad Joe, ram29jackson, smeags, & numerous others: WTF is wrong that people in this world have to try & control/destroy others who throw out things that may offend some but are entertaining regardless? I know some of these aren't offending some but when it does, it's like blood in the water. 'The Righteous' don't post sports comments but they'll surely toss in 8-10 posts to hammer someone. I like that some of these posts are truly nothing but trolling attempts to stir the pot but, if you don't like it, ignore the sh*t out of it. (<<<I typed that censorship myself & strangely, I feel no after effects. lol)

    Of course, I'm not talking about natural poster animosity, just the mob mentality. & yes, I'm guilty at times of jumping someone but I'm also smart enough to take myself to the woodshed (for the most part) to stop the flood.

    SRW/Sweets: I know there's some long, behind the scenes, rancor with some but the reality is that this lunatic spent an incalculable amount of time/ money to keep this site up & the end wasn't justified, no matter what, for his efforts. Don't like where he took this? Just let the sh*t go (<<< It's fun being a censor.) & feel grateful for the good times...

    Kurt/Lebanese77/sportschump/etc.: We're sending a sh*tty (censored myself again with no long term damage...that I didn't already have.) message to the guys that are carrying on with some of these nasty comments from some of 'WTF, why can't we...' type posts. Sure, not everyone but then again, not everyone not posting that nonsense is working to balance it out with a stamp of approval.

    Last but not least...themush: He brought me over here & was gone for awhile & yet when I see a post saying' what's up?', nary a f*ckin' word. (censored myself yet again without the need of a trip to the ER.) I'm sure there may be PMs traded but the community, the same one that benefited from all his threads & help on the site, can't muster up a 'hey'.

    I'm in a rant mood obviously so if I don't stop now, I'll crash the server. Besides, I'm an old dog who refuses to learn today's tricks & when I have enough of this crap, I just won't be around to rant.

    Let's just leave this as my manifesto...
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  20. Steve12

    Steve12 The night is dark and full of terrors GIF OG

    Damn Tarkus telling us all how it is. I feel like I just got chastised at my grandpa's house. Always the voice of reason.

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