UGA LB Brandon Burrows Changes Mind, Returns To Georgia

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    In a year in which the Georgia Bulldogs have seen their number in a continuing state of dwindle, they finally got to add one on Monday. Brandon Burrows, a redshirt sophomore linebacker from Marietta who quit the team just last week, asked for and was granted a reinstatement on Monday. “I’m actually on my way back to Athens right now,†said Burrows, reached via cellphone Monday night. “I’ve just been thinking about it and praying about it a lot. It was weird because, while I was thinking about it, I got a call from Coach [Rodney] Garner and we talked about a lot of things. He was saying I owed it to myself, being fully healthy and not redshirted, to play here and prove to myself I could do it. And I really agree with him. I think I would have being doing myself an injustice if I left in such a manner. So I talked to Coach Richt about it and he’s, of course, as caring and understanding as they come. I just can’t put into words how thankful I am to be back and I’m elated to be a Georgia Bulldog.†Burrows, a 6-foot-3, 240-pound linebacker out of Marietta’s Walton High, redshirted as a member of the scout team in 2010, then had to sit out this past season following shoulder surgery. He was able to practice at inside linebacker this spring and was listed as No. 3 at the “Mike†position on the 2012 preseason depth chart. Senior Mike Gilliard and sophomore Amarlo Herrera are currently listed ahead of him.

    Source Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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    Bish butt UGA coaches letting a quitter back on the team.
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  3. you've never changed your mind before about anything? :icon_confused:
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    I've never quit on my teammates, coaches, and school then "changed" my mind and asked to be let back on the team. If I'm in that locker room that kid owes every last one of us an apology. For starters.
  5. agreed. I couldn't agree more. I also hope he made up every last workout he missed and then some.
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    Think it's more a matter of depth than anything. Defense has been hit hard w/injuries/suspensions, coaches were probably relieved he came back.
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    My point exactly Mike. Letting that kid quit on you and your team then, letting him back in the locker room a few days later?

    Now that's commitment.
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    Same thing that happened last year w/at running back (Ken Malcome.) Kid was gonna transfer, changed his mind and came back. After some attrition at the position he was welcomed back. Now he will probably start week 1.

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