USC QB Matt Barkley's Orginal Plan Was To Leave Usc

Discussion in 'NCAA Football Talk' started by Sportsguy, Dec 23, 2011.

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    USC quarterback Matt Barkley made waves throughout the college football world Thursday when he announced he planned to stay for his senior year and chase a national championship for the Trojans in 2012 instead of entering the NFL draft.But it turns out he didn't always plan to stay for his senior season. In an interview on 710 ESPN's "Mason and Ireland" show Friday, Barkley said his original plan was to depart early for the NFL draft following a dramatic close to the 2011 season."At first, I was pretty much positive that I was leaving right after the season because I was on such an emotional high," Barkley told host Mark Willard. "I figured I was going.""But after looking over everything -- and we gathered every fact we could to help make the decision -- I ultimately knew in my heart that I was coming back to USC."

    Source: ESPN
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    The Vikings/Browns/Redskins/Dolphins/Bills all are bummed out.
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    But he didn't so that no longer matters...USC is going to be good next year
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    Now more then years before, I think its a bad decision on his part

    He would have been the third QB this year (but still a top 10 pick), and would have been a top 3 pick next year. But now the big money is that last year of his rookie deal, and ensuing FA. He just puts that off another year.

    With the new rookie scale and contract rules. It becomes more who is ready now as opposed to where your draft stock will be. And I think Barkley is ready now
  5. Baskett he would have gone before RG3.

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