Vikings Coach Brad Childress' Son Arrested For DWI

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by Sweets, Jan 8, 2010.

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    The son of Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress has been charged with drunken driving for the second time. Twenty-four-year-old Aaron Childress was arrested early last Saturday in St. Paul, he was charged with second-degree driving under the influence of alcohol. Court records show he posted bond and was released from jail, pending a March 2 court date, Childress, who goes by his middle name, Kyle, was charged with drunken driving last February and pleaded guilty in that case.

    Vikings coach Childress' son arrested for DWI - Associated Press - NFL - Sporting News
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    Oh boy, this isn't what the Vikings need right now.
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    24 years old and still an idiot, wow Brad must be proud.
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    what a shame.... oh this isn;t about favre? anyways...

    its hard having all of daddies money with nothing to do.... you'd think you could find a cab in the twin cities.... i bet the kid lives at home stillll..... loser
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    Officer. Do you know who my dad is?:icon_cheesygrin:
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    i just came into this thread to see who 'PoohBear' was.......... never seen you here .............. you should post more ............ you funny guy.
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    Not a shock, Aaron was a Britt Reid assistant
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