Wrestlemania XXV

Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk' started by SRW, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. SRW

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    Snot rocket stuck to Orton's back. Ha, better hope that doesn't dry up and cut someone!
  2. dublin mike

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    geez, how is this the main event?
  3. SRW

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    What a snoozefest.....no buzz in the crowd. Painful...
  4. wide right

    wide right Grumpy Old Man

    typical HHH snorefest
  5. dublin mike

    dublin mike Unfortunate Georgia Sports Fan

    like i said, if this was no DQ, like it should be since they have made this out to be so personal, it could be a better match. But this is a Raw main event, not a wrestlemania main event.

    god orton sucks. he has all the charisma of a rock.
  6. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

    HHH going to take the beating of his life and then pull off the Superman comeback to win....and everyone will go home wondering what happened to the WWE.
  7. dublin mike

    dublin mike Unfortunate Georgia Sports Fan

    the company that pushes guys like CM Punk and Orton, while more talented people like Christian and Shelton Benjamin languish in mid-card status? It's crap. McMahon doesn't care about actual wrestling anymore.

    One thing I just thought of. If the McMahons are back, why didn't Vince rescind the DQ clause?

    Most. Anticlimatic. Finish. EVER.

    If this was really so personal. Trips would just beat the holy hell out of Orton right now and leave him a bloody mess.
  8. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

    And with that one of the worst Wrestlemania's ever is over. HBK vs Taker was the only match that lived up to the event and frankly it exceeded the event. Hardy vs Hardy was entertaining but after that this was a pitiful card.

    How many people right now feel sick that they either paid for the PPV or paid for a ticket to this steaming pile of crap?
  9. dublin mike

    dublin mike Unfortunate Georgia Sports Fan

    Well, I had a feeling going in that this was going to suck, but I promised my son he could watch it. All of his favs won, except HBK, so he's happy, so the evening isn't a total loss.

    I bet Backlash will be the least watched PPV in quite some time. People won't keep paying for crap like this.
  10. Mike S.

    Mike S. GIF Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007 Staff Member

    Dark Match: Carlito & Primo Coln d. John Morrison & The Miz for the WWE & World Tag Team Titles in a Lumberjack Match

    1. CM Punk d. Kofi Kingston, Christian, Finlay, Mark Henry, MVP, Kane & Shelton Benjamin in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match

    2. Santino Marella (dressed in drag) won the 25-Diva Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal

    3. Chris Jericho d. Ricky Steamboat, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka

    4. Matt Hardy d. Jeff Hardy in an Extreme Rules Match

    5. Rey Mysterio d. John Bradshaw Layfield [c] in 21 seconds for the Intercontinental Championship

    6. The Undertaker d. Shawn Michaels

    7. John Cena d. Edge [c] & The Big Show to win the World Heavyweight Championship

    8. Triple H [c] retained the WWE Heavyweight Championship as he d. Randy Orton
  11. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    How do they have a title match be a dark match?
  12. mike oxlong

    mike oxlong The Voice Of Reason

    sounds horrendous. I got out of wrestling because they started to shun the people that were talented with the mic and push people that were horrible like orton. They used to be able to bring in new talent, now they just rely on bringing back old "legends" for pop. It's pretty sad.

    sorry you guys had to pay for that.

    side note, I can't believe they still have taker win at wrestlemania, it just goes to show that he will never lose there
  13. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    I'd be willing to bet that a lot of people didn't pay for it...
  14. ball in the baskett

    ball in the baskett First Team All Pro

    Nope who pays for wwe ppvs anymore lol

    i watched it on a stream heres what i think

    hbk taker best match by far takers spot when he jumped out the ring i thought his neck was broken.

    mitb was a really good match with all the cool spots but cm punk again wtf i was rooting for mvp or christian

    Cena show edge was better than hhh orton. Cena picking up show and edge was crazy 450 pounder and 245 thats nuts.

    seeing steamboat and jericho wrestle was cool since he looked up steamboat as a kid. And he is pretty damn good for his age still.

    santino as santina was pretty funny

    jbl mysterio just as pointless as kane chavo last year

    matt vs jeff was ok nothing special i was glad that matt won for once.

    I was looking foward to morrison and miz vs the colons why not make the diva battle royal a dark match?
  15. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Think they are trying to give Matt a boost with that win over Jeff?
  16. DaBearsrule4ever

    DaBearsrule4ever Hall Of Famer

    CM Punk can be a star. I just question how Vince uses him after they take a title off of him. Now, that he is Mr. Money in the Bank for the second year in a row, it's tough to see what title he will go after. John Cena has the World Heavyweight Title, Triple H has the WWE Title, he's held the ECW Title (currently held by Jack Swagger). Only time will tell. Isn't this year's draft next week or something like that?
  17. Greg Brosh

    Greg Brosh Local Eagles Fan Fantasy Guru

    Punk could be a huge star, but he just doesn't have the physique that McMahon likes to be his star.
  18. DaBearsrule4ever

    DaBearsrule4ever Hall Of Famer

    Why, because Punk won't do steroids? LOL
  19. ball in the baskett

    ball in the baskett First Team All Pro

    Yea i think so I think there trying to make them different. Cause when you think of jeff and matt you automatically think of the hardys. There trying to give matt a gimmick thats away from the whole hardys thing. Like yesterday he even wore tights instead of his usual pants the hardys wear.

    There not all roided cenas big but he doesent juice the guy just works like an animal in the gym.
  20. Mike S.

    Mike S. GIF Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007 Staff Member

    Yes. The draft will take place next week at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia with a start time at 8pm et