Greg Jennings to Test Open Market, Fantasy Implications

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Greg Jennings is fully expected to test the open market after news from Alex Marvez on Twitter that the Packers do not plan on tagging the 30 year-old receiver was reported.

The news shouldn't come as much of a surprise, I mean the man did put his home up for sale a month or so ago.

Still, plenty of Packers fans—fantasy football fans as well—were quietly holding out hope of the two sides staying together.

Especially after Kansas City resigned Dwayne Bowe.

The question now is just exactly where Greg Jennings will wind up, and who is willing to fork over the money for him.

There’s little doubt that Greg Jennings will command top range money ($10 to $12 million is the going rate) but questions regarding his durability and whether or not he has past the “prime years” could keep a few receiver-hungry teams away.

While there are a few receiver needy teams out there, only Miami and Minnesota seem to come to the forefront.

Greg Jennings has ties to HC Joe Philbin down in Miami, knows his offense and would be a perfect fit.

Minnesota is just as hungry for a number one receiver; something they really truly haven’t had since Cris Carter. Moreover, the Vikings recently said goodbye the perpetually fading Michael Jenkins leaving reason to speculate the Vikings are ramping up to make a move on a high profile WR such as Greg Jennings.

Only time will tell.

Fantasy Spin: Last year was a horrible year for Jennings, let’s acknowledge it and move on. The question now is going to be whether or not the man can continue to be an elite WR elsewhere in the NFL and whether or not Jennings can still be a top notch fantasy WR.

Moving to Miami has a nice ring to it. As mentioned above, he knows HC Joe Philbin and his offense and could benefit greatly from his familiarity.

Moving to Minnesota actually isn’t as bad as many me think either—remember, Christian Ponder was one of the most accurate passers in all of football last year.

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Additionally, the Vikings have Adrian Peterson in the backfield, a growing superstar at TE in Kyle Rudolph and just imagine the potential here if Greg Jennings played “for the enemy” (sorry, I’m a Packers fan) WITH Percy Harvin on the opposite side.

I’ll give ya a minute to soak that one in cause I guarantee ya the Minnesota brass is doing the same right now.

In all, I think the man will be fine so long as his body holds up. Personally? I hope he winds up in Minnesota from a fantasy football standpoint, even though I’ll loath it as a Packers fan forever.


  1. Larry Schoenemann says

    I like Jennings but his hit on the salary cap is just to big. I would like him not to have a negative impact on the Packers, so he needs to end up in a different league.

  2. Greg Brosh says

    Two things that worry me about Jennings somewhere else:

    Was Jennings successful because of the system he played in all his life?

    Were the quarterbacks throwing to him a bigger reason for success than talent alone? Favre and Rodgers make their players better.

    I’m hoping he doesn’t suffer the same fate as Housh (Seattle) and Muhammad (Chicago).

    As much as I know you hate it Ray, Jennings going to the Vikings would be a perfect fit. I think I’d be a bit too nervous seeing him take on a No. 1 receiver role elsewhere.