How To Choose The Best Fantasy Kicker

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Here is how I choose my fantasy football kicker almost every week. It's not extremely scientific but it works like a charm.

  • First you look for the teams that allow the most kicking points and find a couple kickers on your waiver wire that play them that week.
  • It's always good to find a couple kickers matching the above criteria then see which of those kickers are on teams that "kick the most". This method obviously improves each week as you have more data to compare and average out.

That's it, it's that easy - and yes it works like a charm.

Here is a list of NFL stats that shows how many Field Goals and Extra Points have been allowed by defenses. You can also toggle between offense and defense to figure out the most defensive points allowed and offensive points scored by kickers.

Looking for some odd photo that included a kicker wasn't an easy task. But I did find a photo of the Tampa Bay Bucs Pirate Ship.. wow kickers you guys can't even beat a pirate ship for photo selection.. ouch!

Using the waiver wire for kickers is a decent way to squeeze out several more fantasy points each week. Just find a kicker on an above average team that faces a team that allows a lot of fantasy points to kickers. Hit us up in the forums if you need help but I'm pretty sure you got this.