IDP Fantasy Football – Dion Jordan

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In the off season I've been doing a couple of IDP only mock drafts as well as my own Dynasty League Draft.  One name that I have singled out in all these mocks is Rookie DE, Miami's Dion Jordan.  I already had Jordan as one of my top 5 rookie DE's but his stock continues to rise.

If you recall Miami traded up to draft Jordan with the third overall pick in the draft and there is good reasoning behind that...Dion Jordan is a beast!!!  Standing at 6'6" 248 pounds the former Oregon Duck can really move for his size.  I've been doing my homework on Jordan and have seen him compared to Aldon Smith, Jevon Kearse, and Jason Taylor.  Those are some pretty high expectations.  You can watch the draft video here

Jordan wasn't really used in the pass rush game in Oregon (5 sacks last year) due to their multiple schemes but in the NFL Dion Jordan will have a lot of opportunities to get to the opposing QB's.  Jordan's 4.6 speed combined with his way above average technique should all attribute to him making an immediate impact for Miami.  Something that makes Jordan really stand out is that even though he is 6'6" he is agile enough to get below offensive linemen making it easier for him to get past their blocks.   The icing on the cake, when it comes to Dion Jordan, is the fact that Cameron Wake will be lining up on the other side of the line.  Wake will not only be able to mentor Jordan as he transitions into the NFL life, but Wake will draw double teams leaving Jordan alone in one on one situations.  Basically think of it like Aldon Smith when Justin Smith and Patrick Willis were demanding all the attention.

Dion Jordan went in the 7th round (to me) in my first all IDP mock draft and I was predicting he would be there again in my 2nd all IDP mock but that wasn't the case.  More and more people are talking about Jordan's potential and the fact he is already doing well at Dolphin's OTA's isn't hurting.  In my second all IDP Jordan went in the 5th round before I could pick him up.  In my Dynasty league this is our 3rd season so the draft was all rookies and free agents and Dion Jordan went in the 4th round (I wasn't too happy about that).

So heading into your IDP Dynasty draft make sure you keep an eye on the what the trends are and don't be scared to pull the trigger on Dion Jordan, especially if you are in a league where sacks get you a lot of points.