MLB Trade Rumors: Heath Bell Talks Heat Up; Royals Asking Too Much?

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The MLB Trade Rumor wheel gained some steam today as news from around the league suggests a possible front runner for RP Heath Bell.

On the flip side, some even more intriguing news out of Kansas City suggests the Royals have initially shot themselves in the foot by setting unattainable trade demands for outfielders Melky Cabrera and Jeff Francoeur.

And if that doesn’t roast your peanuts, then how about a possible change in zip code for Ubaldo Jimenez? I’ll give you a hint: the 80s had a great TV show (WKRP in……) that was based in this city.

Ready kids?

Heath Bell has momentarily stolen the limelight from the ongoing Carlos Beltran speculation when it was reported by Buster Olney on Twitter that the Philadelphia Phillies are the front runners for a reliever from San Diego.

Careful kids!

This DOES NOT NECESSARILY mean they are the front runners for Bell, only that they are the front runners for EITHER Bell, or Chad Qualls or Mike Adams—whom they are also interested in.

The only relevant fantasy news here, is whether Philly does in fact acquire Bell, since it would significantly raise his fantasy value while also allowing the Phillies to move Ryan Madson back into the setup role.

Jerry Crasnick on Twitter has reported the curious demand from the Royals that states the club is searching for a “near ready” pitcher in return for outfielders—yes that’s right…plural!—Melky Cabrera and Jeff Francoeur.

What’s next, they’re gonna say they want a cool million in unmarked bills and a helicopter to Tahiti?

I’m not saying it’s totally impossible, but then again, I’m not saying it’s going to happen either considering the steepness of the offered criteria.

Francoeur wants to stay and restructure his contract, but that hasn’t even been entertained yet according to the Kansas City Star, and Cabrera in exchange for a near ready arm is likely to only be entertained by a team desperate enough for a quality power outfielder.

Ironically enough, that puts San Diego in the mix as a curious possibility since they have an entire fleet of near ready arms.

From a fantasy perspective, until we all hear some definitive word that Francoeur and Cabrera are on the move, it is business as usual.

In a recent article by FOX’s Ken Rosenthal—you know, the usually reliable FOOTBALL guy for FOX—Rosenthal suggests that Ubaldo Jimenez is in fact on the Reds radar, but all other news reports from around the league suggest the Rockies are not willing to deal him at all.

To be honest, the Reds have nothing they could offer the Rockies outside of Jonny Gomes.


An interesting twist on this story, though, has the suggestion that the Tigers could also be interested in Jimenez.

Here’s how this crack pot rumor puts itself together.

Buster Olney on Twitter reports that the Tigers are aggressively seeking high-end pitchers, not just third-tier guys, which SOMEHOW translates into the Tigers possibly pursuing Jimenez due to a rumor that Detroit scouts were “in attendance” for the recent Rockies/ Brewers game.

Olney's report is solid as usual, but any additional speculation of Jimenez being on the move doesn't seem to be valid at this point.

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