MLB Trade Rumors: Jose Reyes and Other Trade News

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Well, we’re getting closer to that time of year again where MLB Trade Rumors take over the news feeds, and the month of July, with Jose Reyes leading the buzzing buzzards into a media frenzy of wonder and speculation.

But Jose Reyes isn’t the only hot commodity player who is rumored to be traded, and he certainly isn’t the only story to follow.

Let’s take a quick look for this Thursday, June 30th at the latest news from around the base paths, and how it could affect your fantasy baseball season in 2011.

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Carlos Beltran – Mets: The Mets are above .500 for the first time since April and Beltran is having a pretty good year, but will he stay in New York is the real question.

According to ESPN New York the rumor about the Texas Rangers being interested in Beltran is being downplayed as false, which does make a lot of sense.

Nolan Ryan expressed the inequities that Beltran has including his history of injuries, his knee and his inability to produce in day games; all of which that seemingly makes Beltran less attractive.

Well that, and absorbent salary that the Rangers would have to eat.

You can continue to enjoy what Beltran has done so far, but the real advice here is to pay attention to what Ryan says about Beltran and his lack of performance in daylight…in days games Beltran may continue to rest, and if not, you should probably bench him for a more favorable option on your team.

We’ll keep you posted.


Prince Fielder – Brewers: The ongoing saga of what will happen to Prince Fielder took a slight turn yesterday when Fielder eluded to John Harper of The New York Daily News that  he would be happy as a DH if the chance presented itself.

"I'm not ruling anything out," he said, "but as for right now, I like playing first base."

The important thing to note here, is Fielder isn’t going anywhere by the deadline, and will more-than-likely finish the year as a Brewer. But for fantasy owners paying attention, the chance of Prince Fielder becoming a DH in 2012 takes yet another quality first baseman off the boards in the early rounds.

For now, don’t read too much into it, but keep abreast of what may come.


The San Francisco Giants continue to shop for a Catcher.

It’s no secret that the backstop is the current vulnerable spot for the defending champions, and you can go all-in that they will in fact bring in another catcher by the deadline.

George Kottaras and Ivan Rodriguez have been two names that keep coming up, but both deals have their issues.

You can almost eliminate Pudge from the equation, as the Giants aren’t about to fork over a two year deal to an aging veteran on the decline, and as far as Kottaras goes, you have to wonder what the Brewers will ask in return.

The Brewers don’t have to give the kid up since they are a contending team, and knowing the Giants are desperate, they may try to wack them.

Other names that have been in the mix are Ronnie Paulino, Ramon Hernandez and Yorvit Torrealba.

Paulino isn’t much of a consideration, the Reds are unlikely to deal Hernandez, and the only way the Rangers will deal Torrealba is they get Napoli back before the deadline.


Jose Reyes – Mets:

Reyes continues to tear up the majors, making a strong case for himself as a buy high candidate in the trade arena scheduled to take flight in the coming weeks.

The problem here is just that, he’s elevating his play for a contract which elevates his price tag making it harder for teams to consider a trade.

What is likely to happen is Reyes does in fact finish the season as a Met—going against my orginal speculation—but tests the market when the time comes.

Currently, no team has contacted the New York Mets about Jose Reyes and a trade, but don’t be surprised if San Diego rises out of nowhere to try their hand at landing him before July 31st.


Ryan Ludwick – Padres:

The Padres have a pretty big issue in the fact that they have no viable answer at the middle infielder position—HELLO SAN DIEGO, JOSE REYES?—and you can expect the Padres to begin answering their phones about various players as the weeks go by.

One of the players in question is Ryan Ludwick, who has tanked since going to the black hole called PETCO Park.

Still, the Phillies, Mariners and Reds are all teams that have expressed interest, and excluding the Mariners—another team with a poor hitter friendly park—Ludwick’s fantasy value could rise in the coming weeks if dealt.

Both the Phillies and Reds are in need of a better outfielder (the Reds more so) and both locations could possibly turn Ludwick’s career around in a heartbeat.

Currently Ludwick is batting .258./324/.405/.730 with 10 homers, 51 RBI and a single swiped base, which actually isn’t all that bad for playing half your games in PETCO park.

Imagine what he would do in Philly or Cincy, or heck even New York for that matter.

For now, if you own Ludwick, I would hang onto him, and if you don’t, put him on your watch list and check back here regularly to find out what the skinny is.