New York Giants Biggest 2013 Team Need

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The New York Giants enter the 2013 off-season with two big questions staring them dead in the face and both question surround the D-Line—the biggest area of concern for New York.

Both Usi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck are free agents this season, and the Giants are unlikely to bring both of them back. This scenario suggests that the biggest 2013 team need for New York is in fact the D-Line.

The Giants have always been known for their up-front attack, but it is likely this team under goes some changes in 2013.

According to ESPN New York, Usi Umenyiora is the one expected to exit and hit the free market with GM Jerry Reese expecting Justin Tuck to return in 2013.

While the Giants do have some depth to work with, they really don’t have a clear cut starter out of the bunch. I really believe the Giants not only draft a DE out of necessity here, but also for the future.

With that said, I think the Giants pull the trigger on Alex Okafor out of Texas, assuming he’s available.

At 6’5”, 260 pounds, Alex Okafor is considered one of the most well-rounded edge rushers in the draft. An intimidating combination of pure power and agility, Okafor is just the sort of player Giants fans have been used to over the years.

His power is the main focal point.

Okafor is the type of point-of-contact edge rusher that uses his power to simply bull over the competition, but his speed off the line and ability to edge contain is where his polish becomes very attractive.

When I think of Big Blue’s pass rush, I think of an intimidating line that beats you with power and speed—a line that imposes their will on you—and with the possible addition of Okafor, this team can carry on that tradition for years to come.

The Giants will also be looking for a solid corner—geez, beginning to see a trend with every NFL team yet?—to possibly replace the underachieving Corey Webster, but I firmly believe they wait until Round 2.

If you have an idea of what the Giants biggest 2013 team need is, leave your comment below. This concludes the NFC East portion of my coverage. Next up the NFC South.

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