Percy Harvin Trade Inevitable, But Where?

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A Percy Harvin trade appears to be inevitable, but the question is, where does he go?

Clearly one of the more electrifying players in the league Percy Harvin is expected to draw commanding interest from multiple teams around the league, but the word interest can often be misleading.

Earlier this month, we heard some soft whispers of Bill Belichick having a strong interest in the youngster from Florida. In fact, some of you may recall the Patriots worked Percy Harvin out before the Vikings grabbed him in the 2009 draft at 22.

Another team that has now entered the speculation realm is the Seattle Seahawks according to the Tacoma News Tribune. Writer Eric Williams speculates whether or not Seattle would be willing to trade for Percy Harvin, mentioning QB Matt Flynn being there greatest trade chip.

The suggestion certainly has some merit considering Percy Harvin’s familiarity with OC Darrell Bevell and experience with fellow receiver Sidney Rice when they played together in Minnesota, and the Seahawks are in the market for a high profile receiver.

But again, the term interest can be misleading.

Teams interested in grabbing Percy Harvin have a lot to think about in regard to the cost. For starters, Harvin is expected to ask for elite money ($20 to $30 million guaranteed).

Teams looking to deal for him also must consider the possibility of forking over a second round pick AT MINIMUM, and of course, teams will have to account for Percy Harvin’s character issues, and up and down medical history.

Percy Harvin is an interesting topic no doubt about it. It appears, however, that interested suitors will be looking to hand over a chunk of the farm just to bring him in—would you do it?

I personally would not.

But in an NFL world that is ever changing and always “willing to forget”—willing to look the other way is more like it—the possibility of someone assuming this high risk/ high reward player is very much real.

And who’s to say that Percy Harvin doesn’t turn things around with some new digs under his feet?

The end result to this topic has only just begun to take shape, and as fans, we’ll all be waiting to see how this chapter unfolds.

Will Seattle get their man? Will Percy Harvin be the next superstar to wear a Patriot uniform? Will another team bleed through the woodwork and become a contender?

More importantly—when the dust settles—will Percy Harvin finally mature into a rising legend, or fall from grace into the shadows of disappointment.


  1. Clint says

    It would not surprise me one bit if New England swindled the Vikes on that one. Let Welker and his big contract go and somehow get Percy to sign for a little less, gain in speed what they’ll lose in hands across the middle, and continue to contend as usual. Personally, I think with his injury history alone Harvin’s not worth it and when you factor in contract & attitude….