Philadelphia Eagles Biggest 2013 Team Need

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Are you a Philadelphia Eagles fan who’s tired of poor play calling? Are you sick of convincing yourself that Michael Vick is the answer at quarterback? Are you looking for your team to play closer to whom they really are in 2013?

Well, Andy Reid is gone, Mike Vick is hopefully soon to follow—sorry Philly, I love you guys but putting faith in yearly failure only yields one outcome—and a new regime is about to take control and hopefully resurrect the team that should've been in 2012.

But what’s their biggest 2013 team need?

Well, our own Phil Clark has some ideas in his latest piece: Mel Kiper’s 2013 Mock Draft: Phil Clark’s Analysis

Some say it’s corner. I say no, the corner position is just fine (better than the 2012 stat lines suggest). Some say OT. I say perhaps since this is where the downfall began for Philadelphia, and once a domino effect gets going, you rarely stop it.

Look, this horrid season collapse began with Jason Peters going down for the season, let’s be logical and football smart. From there, the offensive line fell apart leaving the defense to pick up the pieces in extended play which also fell apart.

Add in a new offensive scheme that never was able to get off the ground, a season that started with rumors of Reid being fired early on and really you had a team that simply said "F*#! it" before things ever had a chance to get going.

In 2013, however, this team has a golden opportunity to turn things around with the hiring of Oregon head coach Chip Kelly, but their first move must be to settle out of necessity.

In my opinion, this need is at the quarterback position.

I know, I know. All the “other guys” all say that there is no quarterback worthy of a first round selection. Yeah? Well convince me of the fact and I might agree.

I think the Eagles can find what they’re looking for in USC's Matt Barkley.

Matt Barkley is an incredibly accurate quarterback both in the pocket AND on the move. He's a product of a pro-style offense and against some of the best teams in college (Oregon, Stanford and Notre Dame) the kid posted a 10:2 TD/INT ratio—very impressive work from three very high profile games in a very demanding market to begin with.

He knows how to read coverage well beyond the line of scrimmage and is just as NFL ready as any QB I've seen in recent years. I think if this team is going to start over, they should do it right and starting fresh with Barkley is a solid option.

He won't last beyond the first round, but those coveted corners everyone is yelping about will be found in plenty in the second and third.

If the trend suggests he will still be available in the early second round, the Eagles could make a push for an OT which is what my colleague Greg Brosh has them doing.

If Jason Peters can return in full health, then I give this O-Line a full vote of confidence, and if the Eagles want to fully start over, then they have to simply do just that.

Start over.

I believe this team can turn over a new stone with both Chip Kelly AND Matt Barkley in 2013.

Got another idea as to what the Philadelphia Eagles biggest 2013 team need is? Let us know below, and be sure to check out my other NFC coverage.

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