St. Louis Rams Biggest 2013 Team Need

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In my opinion this St. Louis Rams team played much better than I expected in 2012, and if they can meet a few crucial needs this off season, we could see St. Louis grow into a postseason contender in 2013.

So what is this team’s biggest need?

I think the St. Louis Rams must upgrade their offensive line before turning their attention elsewhere. Coach Fisher already knows what it’s like to NOT do so, and have your quarterback sink (David Carr anyone?) and I can’t see him making the same mistake with the draft opportunities before him.

The Rams have two first-round selections. With their first selection I can easily see them selecting Jonathan Cooper, G, North Carolina.

I love what Cooper brings to the table, and to be honest, the only other Guard I would even mention here is Chance Womack who I have going earlier to another team—you’ll just have to wait and see who.

Cooper is coming off a very impressive senior year, is about as fluid as they come—not to mention he's a solid presence on the line at  6’3", 310 pounds.

The Rams also have another pick at 22 and I have two scenarios that could play out here.

I currently have them drafting a safety for the future in Texas’ Kenny Varraco. This will depend heavily on whether or not Quintin Mikell restructures his contract.

My alternative? The Rams find another addition for the offensive line (perhaps even a replacement for Wayne Hunter) and possibly select a tackle. They could conceivably beat Chicago to the punch here and select Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher.

Hunter will also be asked to restructure his contract and is better suited to play the inside anyway. Grabbing two O-lineman in the first round would help coach Fisher prevent Sam Bradford from suffering the same ill-gotten fate David Carr once did under him.

Next up I’ll be featuring the Arizona Cardinals. Be sure to following my continuing coverage of the rest of the NFC below.

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