Team Defense Week 11 Rankings

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Well there seems to be a little bit of a concussion epidemic going on with NFL qb's and that definitely has some effects on the team defense week 11 rankings.  I was hoping to have a better idea on which qb's were going to play and which were going to sit out a week but, of course, NFL teams are holding that tight to their chest and I just kinda have to go off of gut feelings.  Make sure you check back here to get all the latest NFL news.

There are some teams ranked a little higher in the team defense week 11 rankings due mainly because of their match ups and their opponents active personnel for week 11.   Looking ahead starting sort of this week but definitely next week I am going to have to take notice on teams fighting for a playoff spot as well as teams that are already looking towards next year (playing guys they normally wouldn't, kinda like a try out).

D. Manning and the fellas in Houston could put up some numbers vs. Jacksonville

So here are the team defense week 11 rankings

1. Houston Texans - Houston's defense looked as good as advertised vs. the Bears last week and this week should be no different.  Houston has a great match up vs. Jacksonville at home.  Jacksonville has just been all types of bad so far this year and this game isn't going to be the one to change that.  J. J. Watt and the boys should have a field day with this one.

2. San Francisco 49ers - It was easier than I thought putting the 9ers in the #2 spot this week after they didn't really show up vs. St. Louis last week.  With it looking like the Bears are going to be relying on the arm of back up Jason Campbell this week I like the changes of SF forcing some turn overs on Monday night.

3. Cincinnati Bengals - Yup you read it right Cincinnati is at #3 this week.  Kansas City is just a bad football team and Cincinnati looked pretty good vs. Eli Manning and the Giants last week.  KC has no passing game and Cincinnati should be able to stop Jamaal Charles (who got 20+ touches last week).

4. Chicago Bears - The Bears D is still elite.  The reason they are at #4 this week is this is a tough match up on the road on Monday night vs. the 49ers.  San Francisco looks like they may go with their back qb as well in this game, the only thing that worries me here is SF's power running game featuring Frank Gore.  Houston showed last week that the Bears could be ran on but you just have to be physical and consistent.

5. Denver Broncos - One thing I have been really impressed with lately is the Denver pass rush.  It seems like once Peyton Manning gives his defense a lead they "pin their ears back" and really get after the opposition's qb (ask Cam Newton).  I can see this being the case again this week vs. Philip Rivers and the Chargers.

6. Baltimore Ravens - I didn't think they would be in the top 10 again but Terrell Suggs has gotten this defense back to an above average level.  Baltimore gets a Pittsburgh team without Big Ben and a running game that isn't 100% and a committee.   I don't buy Bryon Leftwich for a second and think Baltimore is going to be able to get to him as well as pick him apart this week.

7. Dallas Cowboys - Cowboys still have one of the better secondaries in the NFL and should match up very well against a below average Cleveland passing attack.  Dallas really needs to keep this winning momentum rolling and this looks like just the game to do it at home vs. the Browns.  I like Dallas to get a couple of picks this week.

8. Tampa Bay Bucs - The Bucs are a hot team right now and really seem to be playing some good football.  I would have ranked them higher but Cam Newton is so inconsistent this year you never really know which Cam your gonna see.  Rivalry games are always tough to predict because emotions run high and it's tough to call how that will effect the game.  Tampa has been solid and I wouldn't hesitate to play them this week.

9. New England Patriots - This is a tough match up vs. Andrew Luck and the Colts.  One big thing the Pats have going for them is the fact this game is in Foxboro.  Luck hasn't really been the same qb outside of Indy (see the Jets game earlier this year).  NE's defense is good at causing turn overs and that is really all you can ask for as a fantasy owner.

10. San Diego Chargers - Scary match up vs. Peyton Manning but SD's defense has been doing pretty good at being ball hawks lately.  SD's defense and special teams have been pretty good for fantasy points lately the only thing that concerns me is Manning's ability to light up a scoreboard on any given night.

11. Washington Redskins - I'm aware Washington's pass D has been towards the bottom of the leagues but I like the Redskins vs. a back up qb in Nick Foles.  This is more of a roll of the dice here but this is definitely a High Risk/High Reward play this week.

12. Miami Dolphins - Miami's defense really let me down last week and i'm not too confident in them again in week 11.  Last week Chris Johnson put up some good rushing numbers vs. Miami and this week could provide them the same fate as they face up against C. J. Spiller who will be alone in Buffalo's backfield.  Play Miami with caution this week.

13. Atlanta Falcons - ATL is going to be looking to bounce back after their first loss of the 2012 season last week.  Arizona is still trying to figure out their offense and I like the Falcons to take full advantage of it at home this week.  Atlanta is a pretty good plug and play option this week.

14. New York Jets - St. Louis's offense seems to shine when Danny Amendola is in the line up and this week shouldn't be any different.  STL's offensive line held up pretty well last week vs. San Francisco and if Sam Bradford gets time he can be dangerous.  The Jets still have some talented corners and the Rams like to throw a lot so the odds of INT's is pretty good here.

15. Arizona Cardinals - Arizona being on this list is strictly under 1 BIG condition.....that they get to Matt Ryan.  IF Arizona can get in the Falcons backfield and disrupt Ryan's timing the Cardinal secondary can take advantage.  This is by far the most risky play on this list this week.

16. St. Louis Rams - The Jets offense has shown flashes that they are NFL caliber but only flashes.  St. Louis still has a pair of great corners and the Jets still have a pair of not good qbs.  Rams could be a great sneaky play in week 11.

17. Carolina Panthers - Carolina is going to have a tough time vs. the red hot TB offense this week.  Carolina has been decent at shutting down the run so far this year but they will need the "A" game to stop Doug Martin this week.

18. Green Bay Packers - Kind of a low ranking, right?  Well my theory here is that Green Bay is a blitz heavy defense, Detroit is a good passing offense with a lot of weapons.  I can see Matthew Stafford beating the blitzes and torching this defense this week in the dome in Detroit.

19. Cleveland Browns - Cowboys seem to be coming around this is a huge desperation play if your in a very  deep league.

20. New Orleans Saints - Still not buying them after their good game vs. Atlanta.  Carson Palmer leads the AFC in passing yards and should put up some big numbers in what looks like it will be a shoot out in Oakland.

Well there you have it the team defense week 11 rankings.  Make sure to be here on Sunday mornings at 10:30 CST to get your last minute fantasy football questions answered.

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