Terrible Terrell Owens – Should you draft him?

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They are all important to us here at Fantasy Knuckleheads, and we know that those mid-round (and later) picks are critically important in winning your leagues.  There are a few older receivers out there that a lot of fantasy owners are looking at to provide late round value.  We've seen what has happened to Chad Johnson, but how's Terrell Owens doing?

In a word - poorly.  There were a lot of reports out of Seahawks camp that he was in amazing shape for his age and should compete for a starting role.  His competition includes Sidney Rice, Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate, and Braylon Edwards... Many think he'll start for them.  I've always thought it would be Rice and Baldwin or possibly Rice and Edwards.

Well, let's take a look at his performance last night in Denver, shall we?  Five targets, zero receptions.  But it gets worse...  He dropped a few of those targets including a sure 46-yard touchdown, plus he appeared to run the wrong route a couple of times.  He was just out of sync.

Look, maybe he's still learning the system.  Maybe his time in the arena league messed him up.  Maybe he just needs to get back into the flow of the NFL game.  Yeah, maybe... but I'll be using my mid-round receiver picks on guys like Greg Little,  and later on guys like Danny Amendola.

So, take Terrible Terrell Owens as a late flier lottery ticket if you must, but don't say you weren't warned.

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You might be the one crying.