Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Team Names

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Really? Fukudome? If he went to my high school he would have had hell to pay with a name like that!

Believe it or not, coming up with a name for your fantasy team is a difficult task for many folks. There are sites completely dedicated to helping team managers come up with a creative team name. So I've scoured the Internet for the best fantasy baseball team names around. It's unreal the number of web sites that have posted top 10 and top 20 list etc. User contributed team names seemed to be the most creative though. Without any further ado here is our top 10 fantasy baseball team names for 2011.

  1. Sizemore Matters - we all know it's true
  2. Masterbatters - no definition needed
  3. Murderer's Row - think back.. way back
  4. Ball Busters - great for teams managed by girls
  5. Springfield Isotopes - for all you Simpson Fans
  6. Outta Left Field - an area of the field I frequent
  7. ThUnderDawgs - I've always pulled for the Under Dawg
  8. Sporting Wood - I've always preferred wood over aluminium bats
  9. Get Your Money's Werth - A play on Jason Werth's name.. toying with baseball players name is common when creating a fantasy baseball team name.
  10. A-Fraud - another play on a players name here.. did you see his Super Bowl Cameo? Cameron can feed me anytime she wants!

Honorable Mentions and more plays on player names...

  • Sports Hermida
  • Lugo My Eggo
  • Third Degree Byrnes
  • Green Eggs and Hamilton
  • Well Dunn
  • Holy moLesters
  • Albert Lv's Poo Holes
  • G String Shivers

That's our top 10 fantasy baseball team names. If you're looking for fantasy baseball rankings or fantasy baseball sleepers we got you covered. If you're into link dumps have a peak at our friends from Fantasy Rundown.