Top 75 Fantasy Football Flex Rankings

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For those who are still not in the know, we do a weekly game-day roundtable Google Hangout on Sundays at 11:30am, EST. It’s a blast, and I for one enjoy the friendly, loose atmosphere where we answer fantasy questions, discuss biscuits and gravy, argue about just, precisely, how bad the Bears are against the tight end, and rage at one another for previous good or bad calls.


This week, I got a few interesting predictions quite correct on the show, but my biggest call of the week was ranking Jacquizz Rodgers over Michael Turner.


My philosophy has always been to avoid the bounds of conventional wisdom. While it is irrational and irresponsible to make outlandish claims just for the sake of doing so, it is equally foolish to restrict your rankings to the limits placed by strict adherence to “safe” wisdom and “standard” value decisions. If I had only followed my gut, for example, I would have played Cecil Shorts last week over Marques Colston... and you know what? It would have been correct.


So, use the rankings as a guide. Understand, I am uninhibited (some would say unhinged) when it comes to placing my own value system (which I create by numbering certain categories for each player and placing them into tiers) above the systems, rankings, or beliefs of others. And remember: headed into the fantasy playoffs, the most important thing to trust is yourself.


Top 75 Fantasy Football Flex Rankings

Week 13 Top 75


1. Arian Foster

2. Trent Richardson

3. Jamaal Charles

4. Adrian Peterson

5. Ray Rice

6. Doug Martin

7. CJ Spiller

8. AJ Green

9. Alfred Morris

10. Calvin Johnson

11. Marshawn Lynch

12. Jimmy Graham

13. Demaryius Thomas

14. Frank Gore

15. Tony Gonzalez


The Big Boys

Yeah. That’s really the way I’d rank them. Anyone who watched Monday Night Football this week fully understands why Jamaal Charles finds himself at number three on my list. I don’t think Kansas City has a better option than just handing him the ball a bunch and I think this week maybe they figure it out. If Bryce Brown can carve up the Panthers, Jamaal Charles can, too. Trent Richardson, who has been consistently good all season, now gets to run against the (very) bad Oakland Raiders. Peterson finds himself fourth purely by virtue of the softness of 2 and 3’s matchups. Tony Gonzalez- too high? Can he really repeat week 10’s 11-for-122 and two scores? Maybe not, but he’ll come close.


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16. Julio Jones

17. Roddy White

18. Andre Johnson

19. Chris Johnson

20. Dez Bryant

21. Ahmad Bradshaw

22. Bryce Brown

23. Reggie Wayne

24. Brandon Marshall

25. Hakeem Nicks

26. Victor Cruz

27. Marques Colston

28. Wes Welker

29. Eric Decker

30. Stevan Ridley


Wish List, Part One: “Some Wants”

I really wanted to rank Stevan Ridley lower, but it’s hard to find names on the next tier to move above him. At the same time, I also wanted to move Bryce Brown higher- anyone who has watched him run would understand why- but don’t want to overreact to a small sample size. At 22, I think I’m doing his talent enough service. I also wanted to drop Chris Johnson a bit, but the same logic used for Stevan Ridley applies, methinks. Hakeem Nicks has a nice week and could be due for more of a late-season turnaround. Eric Decker gets a great matchup. I want to believe that he returns to his touchdown ways this week.


31. Mikel LeShoure

32. Jordy Nelson

33. Cecil Shorts

34. Vincent Jackson

35. Randall Cobb

36. Greg Jennings

37. Jason Witten

38. Pierre Garcon

39. Ryan Matthews

40. Steven Jackson

41. Jacquizz Rodgers

42. Darren Sproles

43. Matt Forte

44. Steve Johnson

45. BenJarvus Green-Ellis


Late Season Risers

Pierre Garcon returned last week and made an immediate impact. I’m adding him where available. While it’s possible Garcon’s Thanksgiving day outburst is the last of his worthwhile fantasy contributions this season, he is also a proverbial “home-run hitter” who can win you your week or league. Greg Jennings, meanwhile, is set to return this week. The thinking is, he could be fresh from a month of rest and recovery and, perhaps most importantly, not taking game-day hits. Don’t underestimate the power of being fresh. Cecil Shorts has been... consistent? Shorts is more of a “all-season-long-riser.” Don’t look now, but BenJarvus Green-Ellis is kinda getting it done. Forte drops because of 1) TD-Vulture Michael Bush and 2) injuries. Oh, and VIVE LA QUIZZ.


46. Knowshon Moreno

47. Marcel Reece

48. Danario Alexander

49. Denarius Moore

50. Felix Jones

51. Reggie Bush

52. Steve Smith

53. Jonathan Dwyer

54. Michael Bush

55. Justin Blackmon

56. Torrey Smith

57. Fred Jackson

58. Beanie Wells

59. Larry Fitzgerald

60. Michael Turner

61. Owen Daniels

62. Vick Ballard

63. Dallas Clark

64. Danny Amendola

65. Lance Moore

66. Michael Crabtree

67. Ryan Broyles

68. Aaron Hernandez

69. Jeremy Maclin

70. James Starks

71. DeAngelo Williams

72. T.Y. Hilton

73. Malcom Floyd

74. Jermaine Gresham

75. Sidney Rice


Time to Get Serious

It’s playoff time. No mistakes, avoid questionable situations. Obviously, I’m staying away from all Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets, and all Chiefs not named Jamaal Charles. I was hoping to avoid any Panthers running back, too, but with Jonathan Stewart likely out, DeAngelo Williams is a fairly reasonable low-end flex play, especially in deeper leagues. Also, for as long as the Titus Young suspension holds, Ryan Broyles is eminently startable. I know tight end is thin, but I just can’t bring myself around to start Vernon Davis. Bottom-end guys who may win you your week/league/get you into the playoffs? How about T.Y. Hilton (can explode at any moment), Jeremy Maclin (who else are they going to throw to?), and Aaron Hernandez (if he’s fully healthy, the Patriots use the tight end a ton).


As always, best of luck in week 13. You can tweet lineup questions, comments, rants, dissertations on the human condition, or stories about third grade P.E. to: @petethegreekff.


  1. Kurt Turner says

    Always feels good to make risky picks. I think Turner to continue his downward spiral, just as he did last year about this time.. age is a mofo.

  2. Chuck says

    I’m in a PPR league with Sproles, Green-Ellis and Bryce Brown on my roster. I need to start to of the three, what two would you recommend? I’m in a win and I’m in situation.

    • Kurt says

      Green-Ellis and Bryce Brown no doubt.. easy call.. even after watch Drew Brees throw the game last night.

  3. Casey says

    5 recievers and 3 spots. Cruz, Decker, Garcon, Jennings, and Moore.. I have Cruz and Decker in.. who gets the 3rd spot? (non ppr)

  4. Pete Karagianis says

    Guys, my rankings clearly answer all your questions regarding non-ppr (standard) leagues. Please consult those to see who I’d play over who.

    • Kurt says

      You’ll want to use the reply button located on the bottom right corner of the comment, this will thread it and notify the person =)