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Greg Brosh

Kurt Turner
Drew Brees , NO, vs. ATL11111
Matt Ryan , ATL, at NO24222
Tom Brady , NE, at BUF32333
Peyton Manning , DEN, vs. BAL53644
Aaron Rodgers , GB, at SF46555
Andrew Luck , IND, vs. OAK65466
Colin Kaepernick , SF, vs. GB78777
Matthew Stafford , DET, vs. MIN87888
Tony Romo , DAL, vs. NYG1012999
Robert Griffin III , WAS, vs. PHI911101010
Cam Newton , CAR, vs. SEA149111111
Russell Wilson , SEA, at CAR1110121212
Michael Vick , PHI, at WAS1214131313
Eli Manning , NYG, at DAL1313151414
Ben Roethlisberger , PIT, vs. TEN1516161515
Matt Schaub , HOU, at SD1617141616
Andy Dalton , CIN, at CHI1718171717
Jay Cutler , CHI, vs. CIN1915211918
Joe Flacco , BAL, at DEN1820181819
Carson Palmer , ARI, at STL2024192020
Sam Bradford , STL, vs. ARI2219232321
Alex Smith , KC, at JAC2125202122
Ryan Tannehill , MIA, at CLE2421242423
Josh Freeman , TB, at NYJ2326222224
Brandon Weeden , CLE, vs. MIA2522262525
Philip Rivers , SD, vs. HOU2623272626
Terrelle Pryor , OAK, at IND272725-27
Christian Ponder , MIN, at DET2828292728
E.J. Manuel , BUF, vs. NE3029282829
Jake Locker , TEN, at PIT2931302930
Blaine Gabbert , JAC, vs. KC3230323031
Geno Smith , NYJ, vs. TB313231-32
Matt Flynn , OAK, at IND333333-33
Chad Henne , JAC, vs. KC343434-34
Mark Sanchez , NYJ, vs. TB353535-35
As a Matt Ryan owner in a couple leagues, I am banking on a shootout against New Orleans. Same with Brees. I might be taking a chance on Vick as a QB1 as soon as Week One, but he's been looking too dominant in the preseason to rank him any lower against the Redskins. Carson Palmer might be a bit of a sleeper option this week if the Rams put up a lot of points early. Garbage time is what kept Palmer's value steady last season.
Luck owners should be counting every second until Sunday's kickoff, as the Raiders’ inability to contain opposing offenses was not the result of a vanilla strategic approach. This unit is completely devoid of playmakers, and has the potential to be worse than last year’s overly charitable group, which allowed 354.5 YPG. Oakland also ranked 31st with a paltry 25 sacks in 2012, and will struggle to even match that total. Luck will carve this unit up, and his owners should have a thoroughly enjoyable opening day experience.
That's right, Luck at number 4! Both Manning and Rodgers do not have to pass so much this week, and they both face elite secondarys. It's a matter of situation, not just talent comparison.
The NFC South dominates the Week 1 Quarterback rankings. I have Drew Brees ranked #1 with Matt Ryan right behind him at #2. Andrew Luck rises to the 6 spot because he faces off against the Oakland Raiders.. yay. Good luck this week!

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