Week 15 Fantasy Football Flex Rankings

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The fantasy playoffs can be brutal. It simply comes to this: despite as much as we can possibly know, despite all the statistics we can accumulate and assess, there are simply no certainties in fantasy.

I’m looking at you, CJ Spiller, Brandon Myers, and AJ Green.

I’ve written extensively on the need to trust yourself and the need to not get cute, but let’s add one more “need” to fantasy playoff success: play your best lineup, whatever you believe that to be. No matter what we experts believe we “know”, it’s pure speculation. Yes, over time, through analysis and understanding, through the consistent application of stats and information to situation, “we” typically get more calls right than wrong, but notevery call. It’s impossible. You know your team best. You know your situation best. You know your roster best. Take what we give and apply it to your specific scenario. And remember: have fun.

And so, one more time into the fray...


Week 15 Top-75 Flex Rankings


1. Arian Foster

2. Adrian Peterson

3. Jamaal Charles

4. Doug Martin

5. Marshawn Lynch

6. Alfred Morris

7. Ray Rice

8. Trent Richardson

9. CJ Spiller

10. Calvin Johnson

11. AJ Green

12. Frank Gore

13. Demaryius Thomas

14. Knowshon Moreno

15. Chris Johnson


The Big Boys

I was high on Knowshon Moreno last week and he did not disappoint. Look, this is not the Ravens defense we’re all used to. After three weeks of allowing 90+ yards to opposing rushers (and two TDs to opposing RBs in the last two weeks) the Ravens find themselves in the bottom-10 against the run. Moreno is clearly the man in Denver and he even gets the goal line carries. Despite how maddening Chan Gailey’s usage of CJ Spiller has been, there’s no more excuses this week. Spiller gets all the touches and, despite Seattle’s defense being outstanding to date, I think he has a nice week. The way to beating the Patriots goes through controlling the ball and the time of possession. Thus, welcome to the limelight Frank Gore. I am a bit concerned about Chris Johnson- an ankle is a very painful injury. You can tape it, you can take painkillers, but one wrong step and that’s the day.


16. Bryce Brown

17. Matt Forte

18. Andre Johnson

19. Brandon Marshall

20. Roddy White

21. Wes Welker

22. BenJarvus Green-Ellis

23. Reggie Wayne

24. Vincent Jackson

25. Stevan Ridley

26. Julio Jones

27. Marques Colston

28. Victor Cruz

29. Darren Sproles

30. Danario Alexander


Trust Issues

Say it with me, now: In Danario We Trust. From weeks 10 through 14, Alexander has 30 catches. 30. And four touchdowns. I may be too low on him at 30. Similar to the Ravens, the Texans defense just hasn’t been the same of late. I think this may be a high-scoring affair and like Reggie Wayne and the rest of the Colts. I really don’t know what to do with Brandon Marshall, but I think he finds a way this week and overcomes his last outing against the Packers, which was more than a stinker. Yes, the Buccaneers are stout against the run, but Darren Sproles’ role is primarily as a pass-catcher. I like him a lot this week as an RB2.


31. Randall Cobb

32. Pierre Garcon

33. Aaron Hernandez

34. Vick Ballard

35. Dez Bryant

36. Cecil Shorts

37. Tony Gonzalez

38. DeMarco Murray

39. Steven Jackson

40. Jonathan Dwyer

41. Jimmy Graham

42. Lance Moore

43. Ahmad Bradshaw

44. David Wilson

45. Hakeem Nicks


Giants and Saints and Cowboys, Oh My!

I don’t know how healthy Ahmad Bradshaw is or what the distribution of carries may look like come Sunday. If we get clarity on that situation over the weekend and it seems as if one guy will get the bulk of the load, I’dmove him up considerably. Think top-25. Until then, temper your expectations. I think Hakeem Nicks’ injury is still bothering him significantly and would definitely rather play Cruz at this point. As for the Saints, they all have a nice matchup but Jimmy Graham has been remarkably pedestrian lately, putting up only 13 points total in his last three weeks (standard scoring). If Cecil Shorts plays, I like him a lot. The Dolphins give up a ton of yards after the catch and, uh, Cecil Shorts is all about YAC. One final thing: Aaron Hernandez. Beast mode.


46. Darren McFadden

47. Steve Smith

48. Miles Austin

49. Jason Witten

50. Shonn Greene

51. Reggie Bush

52. Ryan Matthews

53. Eric Decker

54. Mike Wallace

55. Torrey Smith

56. Kenny Britt

57. Josh Gordon

58. Steve Johnson

59. Brandon Myers

60. Michael Turner

61. Owen Daniels

62. Mike Williams

63. T.Y. Hilton

64. Greg Jennings

65. Bilal Powell

66. Montell Owens

67. Justin Blackmon

68. Danny Amendola

69. Jacquizz Rodgers

70. Anquan Boldin

71. Jermaine Gresham

72. Brandon Lloyd

73. Sidney Rice

74. Pierre Thomas

75. DuJuan Harris


Final Thoughts

Now THERE’s a name you won’t see on anyone’s list. DuJuan Harris? The Packers need to establish the run, and to say that Alex Green hasn’t been getting it done is one of the understatements of the year. Harris is a bowling ball at 5’9” and 208 lbs. And with one of his only seven carries last week, he managed to barrel his way into the endzone. Just saying, if you really need a running back, he’s definitely out there. Brandon Myers’ week 14 was an anomaly, he will still perform for you. He had been producing at such a high level that we almost forgot he still had Carson Palmer hucking it to him. The one name I may be too low on among these bottom thirty? How about Eric Decker. As mentioned previously, the Ravens just aren’t the same. Don’t sleep on E-Deck.


Best of luck in week 15! As always you can tweet me: @petethegreekff