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  1. Omen
    Spelling B Champion
  2. LebaneseFF
    LebaneseFF Omen
    I closed that thread. the question is can you post in the Staff forum.. start a new thread
    1. Omen
      Yes I believe I can
      Dec 19, 2013
  3. Omen
    Omen LebaneseFF
    Not working yet can't post in that thread
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  4. LebaneseFF
    LebaneseFF Omen
    Can you try a test thread in the Staff forum. Just start a new thread.
  5. LebaneseFF
    LebaneseFF Omen
    I am on top of this.
  6. SRW
    Enjoying retirement
  7. SRW
    Ex-World's Worst Site Admin
  8. LebaneseFF
    LebaneseFF Steve12
    Yeah I fixed it, there are some problems with the permissions of groups.

    If you ever need anything give me a shout. I am here to stay. I just haven't posted on any forums in over 2 years so I am just getting my bearings back.
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  9. Steve12
    Steve12 LebaneseFF
    Nah my kid had to go potty lol. Yea looks like it's fixed now. good work
  10. LebaneseFF
  11. LebaneseFF
    LebaneseFF Steve12
    No answer, I either lost you or your still trying
  12. LebaneseFF
    LebaneseFF Steve12
    yeah I got it, can you try now to change your Custom title
  13. LebaneseFF
    LebaneseFF Steve12
    Hey Mike, give me a few minutes. (testing the profile comment)
  14. Steve12
    Steve12 LebaneseFF
    You see this?
  15. LebaneseFF
    Okay this is working
  16. markaz
    Enjoy the snow, people.
  17. Aussie61
  18. Mike
    smackin ho's
  19. Tarkus
    Thread Stalker
  20. themush
    themush Tarkus
    Back at cha bro.