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    Is there a function to invite someone to the site?
  2. DCoach_R
    DCoach_R buccaneersonnie
    Welcome to the GIF. I hope you will enjoy your time here. If you need anything, please feel free to pm me or one of the other Mods or Admins..
  3. buccaneersonnie
    buccaneersonnie SRW
    Hi Steve this is sonnie the newest and latest member on the website. you told me to send you a message so here i am. Get back with me asap when ever you're in the mood to talk business. Thanks, sonnie.
  4. DontKnowMe
    DontKnowMe SoDev
  5. Tarkus
    Tarkus SoDev

    One of my favorite lurkers.

    Good to see your name if not your posts. Hope things are well...
  6. DaBears22
    DaBears22 diesel
    Mine too. Ask around and see how many mistakes I've made in the past week lol.
  7. DCoach_R
    DCoach_R Mad Eagles Fan
    Welcome to the GIF. We hope you'll enjoy your stay here. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or any of the other Administrators or Moderators.
  8. DaBears22
    DaBears22 diesel
    Welcome to the mod team man.
  9. DaBears22
    DaBears22 DCoach_R
    Not much man, just checking out the news for NCAA and the articles posted today in the NFL. You?
  10. DCoach_R
    DCoach_R cpgobrowns
    Happy Birthday!
  11. DCoach_R
    DCoach_R csonkafan
    Welcome to Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  12. Sweets
    Sweets DCoach_R
    Just an FYI, the posting of news isn't easy but it's not really hard either it just takes practice and please don't feel like you're doing a bad job when your stories are edited because it happens to all of us. If been doing this for quite a while and I still screw up sometimes. Just look at the headlines that SRW and I put up and make sure yours look like that. Make sure you use the topic tags and remember that every story has to have the NFL, the AFC or NFC, the team and what kind of story it is, make sure to click either injury if it is, etc.
  13. Sweets
  14. 86WARD
    86WARD DCoach_R
    Also try to follow Sweets and Steve's news, to correct any typos they may have in the thread titles...they're pretty good can always tell when @steverobwhatever is tired...he'll make a couple in a row. I try to help out posting news, but since the kids, it's not near where it used to be and try to keep people on topic at hand. if it goes too far off, move the posts to a new thread of their own.
  15. 86WARD
    86WARD DCoach_R
    Cover everything. Basically, I try to keep conversations going (even trying to take the opposite of what I believe sometimes,) throw up some new topics...try to do that once a day, sometimes it's not as frequent as I'd like, throw up a new poll...just keep the flow of conversation going in all forums.
  16. Sweets
    Sweets DCoach_R
  17. Sweets
    Sweets n1gbpackfan
    OMG an N1 sighting....happy to see you haven't forgotten the GIF
  18. 86WARD
    86WARD diesel
    Sure. I don't have access to it right now cause the laptop is in the "shop."
  19. SRW
    SRW Crowned
    And done!
  20. Crowned
    Crowned SRW
    Hey bud, could you sticky this?