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  1. 86WARD
    86WARD diesel
    I do. I use it over at Steelers Addicts.
  2. diesel
    diesel SRW
    hey man is it the top ads i need to be clicking?
  3. Tarkus
    Tarkus dublin mike

    That's right, we're immune to the scars by now...
  4. Tarkus
    Tarkus themush
    Good to hear. Figured you were too tough an hombre not to kick some ass in return.
  5. dublin mike
    dublin mike Tarkus
    I hear ya with the daughter issues man. Got a few of those myself.

    And it's me, when am I ever doing good? lol
  6. dublin mike
  7. themush
    themush Tarkus
    I doing much better now Tark. It was a MF'er of a fight but I'm doing much better. Thx for asking.
  8. Tarkus
    Tarkus themush
    How'r ya feelin' nowadays, Hoss?
  9. Tarkus
    Tarkus dublin mike
    Not too bad. Having some daughter issues that takes the wind out of my sails but hangin' in there.

    Tell me that you're having good times... I hope.
  10. dublin mike
    dublin mike Tarkus
    Hey T! How goes life my brother?
  11. Tarkus
    Tarkus dublin mike
    Good seein' you around...
  12. Crowned
    Crowned mj1987us26
    Oh, that's kind of lame.
  13. mj1987us26
    mj1987us26 Crowned
    I think it's only three levels.
  14. Crowned
    Crowned mj1987us26
    Whatsup with Frogger? On level 3, I got all 5 frogs in the holes, but it didn't advance to level 4. Instead it just stayed on level 3 and I didn't know what I was supposed to do... If I tried to get the frog onto of the other frogs in the holes it just killed him.. Any clue?
  15. CaptainStubing
    CaptainStubing Crowned
    that's back when video games were good, men were men, and sheep were scared.
  16. Crowned
    Crowned CaptainStubing
    Space Invaders and Asteroids champion??? Stop showing your age man. :icon_cheesygrin:
  17. 86WARD
    86WARD Crowned're killing everything else!!
  18. 86WARD
    86WARD Crowned
    It's UP!!! Catch up!!!
  19. AdiBear
    AdiBear groenator
    hi mate are you the same groenator from Beardown UK?
  20. Diesel44
    Diesel44 diesel
    no problem man!