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  1. Chipper10
    Chipper10 JCBRAVE
    Welcome to GIF.
  2. Chipper10
    Chipper10 themush
    Should be fixed now??
  3. themush
  4. Xpunk10
  5. Mike
    Mike dublin mike
    where ya hiding at man
  6. themush
    themush SRW
    yo aim
  7. themush
    themush Mike
    Hadn't heard about that yet
  8. Mike
    Mike themush
    Top recruit threatens to look elsewhere if Clemson doesn did you see this?
  9. riahexten
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    riahexten Ogmen08
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  12. Sweets
    Sweets Alcohol_IV
    Thanx, don't know why it does that once in a while....:)
  13. jamesdurant715
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  14. themush
  15. themush
  16. themush
  17. Alcohol_IV
    Alcohol_IV ParanoidMike
    I miss you sweetums. Please seed.
  18. firmwork01
  19. SRW
    SRW yisman
    Prize is on the way!
  20. themush
    themush Sportsguy
    bones jones arrest for dui this morning. can't find anything though. Take a look for me?