10 Best Coaches Who Never Won A Super Bowl

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    In the modern era of football since the merger, many coaches have garnered respect for their head coaching abilities but were never able (or not yet) to win the big one. Following is a list of the top head coaches who weren't (or haven't yet) able to win a Super Bowl.

    John Robinson – You younger guys may not even know who this is but he built some great Rams teams during the 80's and if the NFC wasn't so competitive with the Redskins, Giants, Bears, and 49ers during that era, he would have had a shot.

    Marty Schottenheimer - 21 seasons. Sparkling regular season winning % of .613 over his career with 13 playoff appearances but paltry 5-13 playoff record and no conference championships tarnished his legacy.

    Chuck Knox – 11 playoff appearances in 22 years but could never manage to make it to the big game.

    Bud Grant – 12 playoff appearances in 18 seasons and 4 conference championships but zero SB's make him one of the best who never won the big one.

    Marv Levy – Took his team to 4 straight SB appearances, which has never been done before or since....... Unfortunately, he went 0-4.

    Jeff Fisher – Came within 3 feet of getting one but close doesn't count ………. He still has time

    Don Coryell – Innovative mind who developed a consistent contender but could never get to the big game

    Andy Reid – Playoff appearances in an astounding 8 of first 11 seasons in the league but couldn't get it done with McNabb under center. Will a change at QB be the difference?

    Jim Mora – Was the first coach to create a winner in New Orleans but never won the big one there or in Indy.

    Dan Reeves – 23 seasons. One of the few coaches to take multiple teams to the Super Bowl but could not get the job done in 4 tries to the big game.

    Up and comers on this list ………….. Wade Phillips, Norv Turner, John Fox, Marvin Lewis, Jack Del Rio, and Lovie Smith.
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    Nice list but I wouldn't really call Del Rio a great coach.
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    I'm not. the 'up and comers' are coaches who have the ability to later on be thought of as a good coach but who haven't won a SB yet.
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    I got you but I doubt he becomes a good coach. IMO.
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    i can see your point. DelRio is not Rich Kotite and time will tell if he makes it long-term and is at some point in the future thought of as a good coach.
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    Honorable mention.......bum phillips
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    The up and comers pale in comparison to that list...not even close. Won't say they eventually won't deserve it but they have a lot more work to do to make it even to that list...
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    yep, it was tough leaving him off the list. Mora was the last guy I put on there and I just couldn't see leaving Mora off of there after what he did in New Orleans.

    Yes, the whole point of the up and comers list was to see who some of the coaches are that are currently coaching who may have a shot at making the list one day if they continue to be employed, win games, and make the playoffs. All of the coaches on that list could be fired at the end of this season and never get another job, I suppose, but it's just a list of other future possibilities.
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    Dennis Green

    They are who we THOUGHT THEY WERE!
  10. Here's my honorable mention.....


    George Allen

    Los Angeles Rams, Washington Redskins
    168 Career Games as a Head Coach
    Regular Season: 116 Wins-47 Losses-5 Ties
    Playoffs: 2-7
    Career coaching record: 118 Wins-54 Losses-5 Ties
    49 Wins-17 Losses-4 Ties in five seasons with the Los Angeles Rams
    67 Wins-30 Losses-1 Tie in seven seasons with the Washington Redskins
    .712 Career Winning %
    Won Five Division Championships

    1972 NFC Champions
    Lead Redskins to Super Bowl VII vs. Miami Dolphins (14-7 Miami)
    2× AP NFL Coach of the Year (1967, 1971)
    2× Sporting News Coach of the Year (1967, 1971)
    1971 Pro Football Weekly NFL Coach of the Year
    2× UPI NFL Coach of the Year (1967, 1971)
    70 Greatest Redskins
    Redskins' Ring of Fame
    Never had a losing season in 12 seasons as an NFL Head Coach
    Adopted "Future is Now" Theme

    Made 131 trades in his career
    Elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2002

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    George Allen should be on that list....
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    I guess maybe I look at that group more like "failures" or long-shots than up and comers...

    When I read that list, it does nothing for me...I guess I look for more winning consistency?
  12. CaptainStubing

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    the top 10 coaches on this list have all been considered 'failures' to a certain extent for never getting the job done so i think your comment makes sense.

    smart people/smart coaches can fail too. failure isn't reserved just for bad/dumb coaches. To me, there is a BIG difference between failing and being a bad coach. None of the coaches I listed on the up and comers list are dumb head coaches like David Shula or Rich Kotite....... they are legitimate head coaches who still haven't won the big game............. which means thus far they are 'failures' according to many, so I think we're on the same page.........
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    I lol'd when I read Del Rio. Guy will be unemployed this time next year and I doubt he'll be HC anywhere again.
  14. 86WARD

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    I feel like Del Rio's still riding the one good season he had in Jacksonville...lol...