19% Of Fans Say They Won't Return If NFL Cancels Games

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    What's the real-world cost to the league if the lockout causes the NFL to miss games in September? Perhaps fans who don't return. A new study by Adweek and Harris Poll revealed that 19% of people surveyed said they would be less likely to continue watching the NFL if the season is delayed. So far, the NFL has not had to force fans to sacrifice much other than listening to the two sides bicker about their differences. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has said that he expects the labor impasse -- which turned into a lockout on March 12 -- to resolve in time for the 2011 season to be played, but the league did seem to build a cushion into its 2011 regular-season schedule in which it could start the season up to three weeks late and not miss any games.

    Source: USAToday
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    They are most likely casual fans. If they poll hardcore fans, the percentage will be astronomically lower...lol...
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    I dont believe that for a second. The overwhelming majority of people will be back as soon as the games start. I mean I'm a Bengals fan, it doesn't get any worse than that but i'll be watching as soon as the season starts.
  5. I didn't think "casual" football fans existed anymore........
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    They do, but they are called Patriots fans...
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    That's some bs
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    Seriously bs.
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    Easy to say you wont watch it, but then a boring Sunday afternoon comes along.....
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    I couldn't stay away I can not tell a lie

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    I'm with you guys. First I want to know the definition of a "fan"?
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    19% of people also tend to make empty threats when they feel threatened.
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    19% of the time, it works all the time.
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    They did the poll at Buffalo and Jacksonville.... :icon_wink:
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    Lol those are bandwagon fans... :icon_cheesygrin: