2011 NFL Draft Discussion Thread (Day Three)

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Discussion' started by SRW, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. :scared: so all this ridiculous hate is based on bench press numbers? Weak argument
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    I think Henerey actually went in the 5th in our mock, but like I said, I have seen him go in the fourth and I know a bunch of teams wanted him. We had two fourths, I don't mind that pick, I have a problem with taking nothing but undersized, instinct guys who are "tough" well except for grandpa Mountie who will be on the coaching staff before his rookie contract is up.
  3. mike oxlong

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    it's not just the fact that our new kicker bench pressed more, it's just the continual drafting of weak, small LB's that never do anything but take up roster space and money and keeping LB as a perpetual weak spot on this team. Every year we get at least 2 undersized LB's who have great instincts and a nose for the ball and will get the job done and they are always excused for their rookie year, then we get tired of it and the cycle starts all over again. I want a beast. They did well with Bradley, but he gets hurt all the time. Other than Bradley it's been one undersized LB with great instincts after another and none of them ever amount to crap.
  4. I think Matthews is good other than his lack of athletic ability. I do get the frustration but I think Matthews differs in several ways.
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    All this undrafted players can go to usfl

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    I like the Dolphins' draft. Filled needs with skilled talent. Now if/when the lockout is lifted, bring in Friday and Devine/Locke and boom.
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    Sorry I didn't get all the picks up in time. I was having major issues with my cable connection dropping today. Now I am back but the speed is crummy at best. I am trying to limp to the finish line so bear with me.