2013 College Football Season Predictions

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    The college football season is one week away! I am so excited that I’m having a hard time sleeping at night. At least I hope this is why I’m having a hard time sleeping… This year looks to be another fantastic year. I would like to believe that all of my predictions will be spot-on, but there are many variables.

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    American Athletic Conference

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    Many experts are predicting the Louisville Cardinals to run away with the American Athletic Conference this season. Not so fast my friend! The Cincinnati Bearcats are no slouch. The December 5th contest at Cincinnati will most likely decide the conference.

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    Atlantic Coast Conference

    Atlantic Division

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    The top two teams in the ACC are in this conference. Florida State and Clemson will settle the conference with their October 19th match-up. Maryland is a team that will surprise a lot of people this year.

    Coastal Division

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    The ACC Coastal will be highly contested this season. Four teams could win this division, yet only one can represent the team in the ACC Championship game. I’m taking Miami to take it, but it could be any of the top four.

    ACC Championship Game: Clemson over Miami.
    I have Clemson representing the ACC in the Orange Bowl this season. They look to be the ACC’s best this year. That can all change though with one injury, or one breakout freshman.

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    Big 12 Conference

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    This conference is tough to predict. It is a real logjam at the job. Oklahoma State could finish undefeated, but I’ll take a chance and say one of their conference opponents trips them up. The Bedlam Game should decide the conference.

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    Big Ten Conference

    Legends Division

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    The Legends Division looks to be pretty good this year. The November 2nd match-up between Northwestern and Nebraska should decide this competition.

    Leaders Division

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    Let me shock the world here. I’m taking Wisconsin to win the Leaders division. Wisconsin’s schedule sets up perfectly for the “upsetâ€.

    Big Ten Championship: Nebraska over Wisconsin.
    It just seems like this is the year that Wisconsin is finally dethroned as B1G champs. Nebraska should represent the B1G in the Rose Bowl for the first time ever this season.

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    Conference USA

    East Division

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    ECU looks to be the kings of this division. MTSU will make a strong push this year with a favorable schedule but ECU is the King of the East.

    West Division

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    Tulsa looks to be atop the C-USA once again. Rice might make a strong push, but in the end Tulsa will prove to be the better team.

    Conference USA Championship Game: Tulsa over East Carolina.
    After taking East Carolina to take down Tulsa during the regular season, I have the Golden Hurricanes getting their revenge for the conference title.

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    The Independents should see three teams go bowling this year. Notre Dame has the toughest schedule out of all the teams here. Winning eight games will be quite an accomplishment.

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    Mid-American Conference

    East Division

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    In all honesty, this division was ridiculously hard to predict. The Ohio Bobcats look to be the far superior team this season in the East Division. If they can beat Louisville in week one, we could be looking at a BCS buster.

    West Division

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    The Huskies look to once again be the favorites of the West Division. Their November 13th match-up against Ball State ought to decide the division.

    MAC Championship Game: Northern Illinois over Ohio.
    The Huskies are my favorite to repeat as MAC champions by defeating the Bobcats.

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    Mountain West Conference

    West Division

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    San Jose State makes their first year in the MWC one to remember with a West Division championship. This division will come down to the November 29th match-up between Fresno State and San Jose State.

    Mountain Division

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    Colorado State plays thirteen games this year. That is not a misprint. I do have Boise State taking the Mountain Division. The October 12th match-up between Boise State and Utah State ought to decide the division.

    Mountain West Championship Game: Boise State over San Jose State.
    The Broncos ought to be too much for the Spartans.

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    Pac-12 Conference

    North Division

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    The Stanford Cardinal look to be the top team. It will all come down to who Washington decides to upset this year.

    South Division

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    The South Division will be crowded up top. The November 23rd match-up between Arizona State and UCLA ought to decide this whole thing. USC does play thirteen games as well.

    Pac-12 Championship Game: Stanford over UCLA.
    The Cardinal look to make it two years in a row as Pac-12 Champs. UCLA will have to deal with being the bridesmaid yet again.

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    Southeastern Conference

    East Division

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    The Division will come down to the September 7th match-up between South Carolina and Georgia. Georgia looks to have the edge this year with the game being in Athens.

    West Division

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    The West Division looks like Bama’s to lose. These predictions were made with Johnathan Manziel not being suspended this season.

    SEC Championship Game: Alabama over Georgia.
    In a rematch of last season’s classic, I have a really hard time going against the Tide. Georgia will put up quite a fight, but it looks to be the Tide’s year once again.

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    Sun Belt Conference

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    This conference will be top heavy with three teams fighting for the top spot. I picked ULL to be anointed the conference champions after some complex thinking…

    I will release my bowl predictions later this week.
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    Well done, [MENTION=4302]JEMicklos[/MENTION].

    Big 12 tough indeed. Funny feeling K-State may be in the mix at the end.

    ICECOLD 1st Stringer

    Sad state of my team :(
  4. markaz

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    Don't feel bad. Use the Cardinals fan's motto: "There's always next year."
  5. Inclulbus

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    Marshall being better or worse than 7-5 all lies on if the defense is anywhere near improved or not. 7-5 as of right now is dead on though, until the defense is given a chance.
  6. Buck Fenson

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    one question. you have LSU losing three games. Who are they going to lose to? I see possibly one loss.
  7. Chipper10

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    Great predictions. Should be interesting to see how well you do against these picks.
  8. JEMicklos

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    Georgia, Ole Miss, Alabama
  9. Buck Fenson

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    don't see us losing to Ole Miss. Depends on if our defense stays the same on losing to Georgia. Bama is a different story.
  10. axmickl

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    All these rabid USF fans are going to start migrating to Orlando in order to find a bandwagon to climb on.