2014 Fantasy Football: Top 20 Defenses

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    This is part of the 2014 fantasy football preview. A look at the top quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends and kickers can be found via the links on each position. Time is beginning to tick down before the beginning of the 2014 fantasy football season. The defense position is one that can be looked at in two completely different ways. One school of thought is to take the best defense in the NFL fairly early and stick with them the whole year. The other thought is to wait until the final pick of the draft because teams change from year to year with player movement and that the teams […]

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    Not only did the Cards lose Daryl Washington for the season, they also lost Karlos Dansby to free agency. Dansby without question was the anchor for the Cards' defense. That's both ILB's from last year's defense. Really don't think the Cards are worthy of a No. 4 at this point.
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    I think the Steelers Defense/ST could surprise this season...
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    Thanks for the comment. Only time will tell. I almost had the top four defenses all from the NFC West. That's how talented I think they are. Arizona is a solid selection where I have them placed but if I'm wrong, I'll admit it after the season.