2014 Fantasy Football: Top 20 Tight Ends

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    This is part of the 2014 fantasy football preview. A look at the top quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, kickers and defenses can be found via the links above and will be updated as stories come out. The 2014 fantasy football season is just months away and owners continue to prepare for this year’s drafts. One position that can be a problem at times is tight end. There is a certain number of top-flight tight ends that must be taken early while others can be selected much later on. The likes of Jimmy Graham and Julius Thomas are going to be gone before the third or fourth […]

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    You make valid points but I still see Kaepernick looking for Davis a lot this season. Only time will tell. It will be interesting to watch for.
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    He is quite a pain to have on the roster like I mentioned with Week 16 last season. I would still take him over Gronk though bc of the injury issues. Will have to wait and see what happens.
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    It's good to see Dennis Pitta in the top 10 even though he was injured a lot of the year last year.