2014 Philadelphia Phillies

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    Here we go...lol.

    More retreads.
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    That is some start. I already hate this thread. Screwin' Amaro.
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    Saw something on Yahoo saying they were interested in Stanton and Trumbo.
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    Chooch is re-signing for 3 years, $26 million. Ugh. Amaro strikes again.
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    Good Lord...
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    Delete this thread.... 2014 is obviously the year of the Braves!
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    I may need to pick up this shirt:

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    is that the shirt abreu wore to the presser ?
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    Phillies likely out on AJ Burnett, will look at Ryan Madson

    "It's more likely we'll go in with what we've got," Amaro said.

    The Phils have been talking with free-agent right-hander A.J. Burnett, but the Pirates and Orioles also are top suitors.

    But Philadelphia will be one of the teams watching former closer Ryan Madson throw Friday in Arizona. Madson has not pitched since 2011 because of Tommy John surgery and complications following the surgery, but when he has been healthy, he has been one of the top relievers in baseball.

    "There are several guys in that boat," Amaro said. "We'll have our eyes on these guys who are working on coming back from an injury or surgery."

    It is unclear if Madson is looking for a guaranteed Major League contract, and if so, if that would scare away the Phillies.

    The Phils also have been looking for a backup center fielder. Currently, John Mayberry Jr. and Tony Gwynn Jr. are the two top candidates for that job.

    Source: http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article/phi...md=20140207&content_id=67537140&vkey=news_phi
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    So depressing...
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    Byrd, Abreu, Madson...



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    CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Cole Hamels will not be ready to pitch on Opening Day, but reinforcements are on the way.

    A source said Wednesday morning that the Phillies have agreed to a one-year contract with right-hander A.J. Burnett. If everybody is healthy, Burnett projects to slot in atop the Phillies' rotation alongside Hamels and Cliff Lee. The Phillies have not confirmed the deal.

    Burnett went 10-11 with a 3.30 ERA in 30 starts last season with the Pirates. He led the big leagues in ground-ball-to-fly-ball ratio (2.62), which should help him at cozy Citizens Bank Park. He also led the National League with 9.8 strikeouts per nine innings.

    Hamels revealed Wednesday morning he is behind schedule because of discomfort he felt in his shoulder around Thanksgiving, which resulted in left biceps tendinitis. He said he expects to pitch sometime in April.
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    That sucks about Hamels. Hopefully he rehabs enough to be 100% when he returns.
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    As someone on another board properly captioned this pic, "Hey look...it's 2003".
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    Like the burnett deal. Needed him before hammel's shoulder issue but especially now. Hope cole gets back quick but not counting on it.

    So many old guys on this roster but it stills comes down to howard for me. the phils go as he goes.

    Who knows maybe we get the wheez kids part 2
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    Pettibone probably won't be ready for the start if the season either, making the Burnett deal even more important.
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    Pirates offered him $12M for one year. Under the Phillies deal, he could make $33M over 30 starts in a 2-year period...
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    yeah player option 2nd year ... considering how much burnett went on about this decison being about his family and being much closer to his maryland home playing for the phils it makes one wonder why the freak amaro offered the player option 2nd year.

    seriously ... somebody please "accidently" run him over in clearwater. PLEASE
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    Jonathan Papelbon: "If I was a gambling man I would take us to go all the way."

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    July 1st prediction - papelbon - i didn't sign up for this.
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