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  1. TJ

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    I already put my bets for this week and talked about them in last week's thread at Chump's request, but I just saw a tidbit of information regarding tonight's game:

    Rodgers is 6-0 without Devante Adams since he (Adams) joined the team.

    Suddenly Packers +6.5 doesn't sound so bad anymore. Just putting it out there, see if anything happens. If it gets to 7 before kickoff I might pull the trigger.

    As for sunday, it looks like it might be another week of as$ kicking by the good teams over the bad ones. Schedule feels funny this year, don't you think?
  2. TJ

    TJ Dez Caught It

    Well, Rodgers is 7-0 without Adams since they play together, there are no more undefeated teams and my Packers +6.5 and Knicks +1.5 parlay hit last night. I'm very happy indeed.

    So what are you watching on sunday?
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  3. DawkinsINT

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    Too bad both teams were banged up last night. Would have been nice to have seen them battle at full strength.

    I can't believe that I basically think the Eagles-Lions game is a pick'em...but here we are. Miles Sanders will miss the next 3 weeks (basically only getting a few less touches than he would have anyway).

    In the late afternoon games I'll probably mostly watch Bucs-Saints. I have an early morning meeting on Monday so I won't be able to watch much of the Cowboys-Vikes.
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  5. TJ

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    Turns out Dak might not be ready to go on sunday night and Cooper Rush (oh my God) might get the start. I'd say that explains the line...Vikings should be favored by at least 6 if Dak can't play. He's the one who makes this offense go as we saw last year. I am now officially nervous.

    On one hand, we're 5-1 in total control of the division, so giving Dak more time to heal might be the wise choice. On the other hand, we just can't afford to do it because we're literally in the middle of a dog fight for the #1 seed with 4 awesome teams (Bucs, Rams, Packers, Cardinals), and we already lost the tie breaker against the Bucs. Guess we'll just wait and see. Dak is saying all the right things: he can play, if this was a playoff game this wouldn't even be a conversation, he can take it...but at the end of the day it comes down to the medical and coaching staff...
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  6. TJ

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    I got my ass kicked today. I might never gamble again.

    Dak is not starting tonight...
  7. DawkinsINT

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    Miles Sanders must be so pissed. They wait until he goes on IR to start running the ball. Unbelievable.
  8. DawkinsINT

    DawkinsINT Tebow free since 9/5/2015.

    Oh man...Derrick Henry may be done for the year. That totally sucks.
  9. TJ

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    I'm so confused right now...for the past 25 years I have seen the Cowboys lose games like last night's ALL THE TIME. Even since the last Aikman days, long after Garrett, Rodney Peete and Wade Wilson were gone, starting the back-up QB meant an assured loss, and most of the time an ugly one.

    Cooper Rush proved me wrong last night. I was angry when he won the back-up QB job in training camp. How was it possible? Especially after Garrett Gilbert played so well last year in his one start.

    This is starting to feel special. The cynic in me is starting to lose the argument. I might start to get my hopes high...and it will only make it more painful when I crash again.

    BTW, Dawk, I put some money on the Lions as my secret "upset special" bet and proceeded to get destroyed. Maybe the secret is for me to bet against the Eagles every week, I better stop xD
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    We're on full trade deadline mode and this is insane:

    Broncos traded Von Miller to the Rams for 2nd and 3rd round picks, and are still paying his guaranteed salary this year as the Rams don't have any cap room.... And any draft picks for that matter...the Rams first pick in the 2022 draft will come in the 5th round, then they'll have 2 picks in the 7th round and that will be it.

    It begs the question every fanbase has made itself at some point: Would you give up 10 years of losing for that one super bowl win? The Eagles said yes, but didn't even make it to the home opener after the Super Bowl win to start booing. Everybody says they're willing...nobody actually expects it.

    Then again, from my side of the aisle, it's been 26 years since my team's last championship and I'm still considered "spoiled"...and that I "can't complain"...

    The lesson, as always...everybody has a big mouth...

    Anyway...Aaron Donald and Von Miller (past his prime but still Von Miller) are now in the same defensive line. That's the stuff of nightmares for offensive line coaches...
  11. DawkinsINT

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    Yeah the Rams are really scary now. Hopefully they end up losing their first playoff game anyway.
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  12. TJ

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    The NFC is loaded this year. It will be a fun divisional round and one of Bucs, Rams, Packers, Cardinals and Cowboys won't even make it there...

    It will probably be the Cowboys.