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    Tonight we get Chiefs vs. Chargers which is a very big game for a thursday night AND this early in the season, but ok... Chiefs are favorites by 4 but I think I'll stay away because I'm still not sure how good their defense is, or if the Chargers have managed to shake off their historic bad luck.

    As for Sunday, the Cowboys host a very pissed off Bengals team (good God...th-that's Cooper Rush's music!!!) with their back-up QB. All I can say is good luck. Bengals are favored by 7 and they can't make that line high enough. I have a "never bet against your team" rule but it doesn't say to not include it in teasers, and this line is very teasable...

    That's all I have right now, I'll continue later...
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    The Eagles will have a pretty good measuring stick this week against the Vikings. I'm glad it's on Monday night because we are going to have a gorgeous weekend and I'd like to grill in my backyard. I'll bring my pc out and watch some games in the sun.
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    Here are my Week Two picks.

    I do have KC minus as one of them. I'll probably end up laying the points with Cincy but Dallas' pass rush against their offensive line scares me. That's pretty much the only chance they have of winning this game is to keep pressure on Burrow.

    And yea, Dawk, Vikes-Eagles should be a doozy. We'll see which one of these teams, if not both, are for real.

    The Wife Hates SportsChump Annual Weekend Pick ‘Em: NFL Week Two - Sports Chump
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    The NFL broke me in week 1, but thanks to Real Madrid, and the Seattle Mariners I have managed to get some of my losses back, and now I'm ready to try again. I didn't share my picks for week 1 and the bets, but you should just know that none of them hit, so...

    Even in week 2 I started with the wrong foot. I parlayed KC -4 and over 54 points and as you know none of those hit.

    Sunday, however, is a different story...a whole new day. I leaned towards too many favorites in week 1...let's fix this, let's ride some underdogs, shall we?

    I'm addicted to teasers. I can't help myself!! When they hit I feel like a genius, and when they don't I feel like the world's biggest idiot. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?! Let's try this again. Let's ride some dogs:

    Washington to +8 over Detroit, Carolina +8.5 over Giants and Jaguars +10 over Indianapolis. Sounds reasonable, right? Washington may be better than we thought, Detroit might be worse, I still don't believe in the Giants, and the Jaguars at home are the Colts daddy!! What could possibly go wrong? 100 pesos*!! Easy money!! +160 odds.

    Second teaser for the 4pm games...only 2 teams this time: Cincinatti to -1 over my g**amn, infuriating Dallas Cowboys who will start Cooper Freakin' Rush, have no WRs, no OL, a lame duck head coach, and an insane and absolutely racist fanbase who wants to put Cooper g**amn Rush in the FREAKIN' RING OF HONOR!!! The other one is the Rams, -4 over the Falcons who are condemned to lose all their leads forever and ever until the end of time. 100 pesos!! Easier money even at -110 odds.

    And a third teaser for monday night!! Buffalo -4 over Tennessee and Minnesota +8 over Philly. Sorry, Dawk. Buffalo is this year's juggernaut and I need to redeem my soul after betting against the Cowboys for the first time in my life so let's hope the Vikings at least cover. Not so easy money!! 100 more pesos at -110!!

    That's all I have for this week. These picks/bets are done with pretty much my gut only, I do not make any serious analysis, and should not be taken as advice or anything, this is just pure fun. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-IDONTCARE.

    * 1 Dollar = 20 pesos.

    Week 1: 0-4
    Week 2: 0-1 so far
    Total: 0-5
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    Wow...you're really off to a rough start Teej. I'm glad you're taking the Vikes...haha. I think you may be right about Washington being better than most think. Their receivers are dangerous as long as Wentz doesn't make the big mental mistakes he often does. Hopefully he doesn't change though.
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  6. TJ

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    Stupid Washington ruined my 1pm teaser. New name, same old sh!tty team.

    I put a super Homer parlay with my top 3 teams playing at the same time: Real Madrid to win, Mariners ML and Cowboys +7. 50 pesos at +850 odds. LFG!!
  7. DawkinsINT

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    After watching the Lions last week against the Eagles and today against the Commanders....I know way too much about that team. I like them.

    What a comeback by the Dolphins in Baltimore. That is one of those games that Fins fans will be rewatching for years. Amazing.
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    I got mi a$$ absolutely kicked again. 0 for I don't even remember but hey, the Cowboys won so it's all good xD
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    Last night was finally a signature win for Hurts. I love how he spread the ball around. The Vikings defense was awful yesterday but they only gave up 7 points to the Packers in week 1. The offensive line needs to stop these illegal man downfield penalties though. They may burn them down the line if it's not cleaned up.

    The defense was incredible. Slay did such a great job on Justin Jefferson. He had 2 picks but easily could have had four or five. Cousins had been dominating the Eagles going into last night so it was great to see them finally turn that around.
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    Ok, I'll accept it. The Eagles oficially scare me this year. It's still early, but yeah...they seem legit.

    Just when I'm ready to get out, they suck me back in. I didn't watch the Cowboys game on sunday but I was following updates on social media. Looks like once again, when we have a solid defense, the offense just falls apart, and now without Dak it's even more evident. Micah Parsons just can't sustain these numbers for a whole season, no way he finishes with 34 sacks...there will be down games in the future, and that's when we need the offense to step up, but there are no playmakers. Ceedee Lamb is not a #1 WR...at least he hasn't proven it yet. Zeke is done. McCarthy and Moore just refuse to give Pollard touches inexplicably.

    Also I'm 0-10 in my bets this season. I'm out of money and won't deposit more so I'll be gambling with imaginary money the rest of the way XD.
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