3 NFC, 3 AFC Teams Named Possible 'Hosts' In Europe

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    San Francisco, Seattle and Miami were among six NFL teams selected as potential home teams for a regular-season game next year in Britain or Germany.

    The other teams that could "host" the game are Buffalo, Kansas City and New Orleans. The league also narrowed the sites for the game Monday, eliminating Canada and Mexico for this year.

    The opponent for one of the teams will be announced during Super Bowl week, but will not necessarily be one of the five not picked as the home team.

    Last October, league owners approved a plan to play annual games in Europe, Canada and Mexico. The league emphasized it would choose the competitors as part of the scheduling process, not by a team decision.

    The first regular-season game outside the United States was played in Mexico City in 2005 between the Cardinals and 49ers.

    The site of next season's game is expected to be announced next week.

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    Its Giants vs. Dolphins I think. This is the worst idea ever. I'm glad it isnt my team that is doing this. Hopefully they end the madness before it happens to other teams.