49ers Hire Mike Martz for Offensive Coordinator

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by frost, Jan 8, 2008.

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    I can't wait to see the 4 WR set Martz will come up with: Lelie, Battle, Hill/or draft 2 WRs. I can't see D Jackson remaining a 49er for he dropped so many catchable balls, and Gillmore was GARBAGE! WHy the heck we keep signing Gillmore to do nothing was beyond me!
  2. Spiderman34

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    The reason he failed here (if you want to call it that) is because we had a pitiful O-line.
  3. Crowned

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    yea because you keep getting wide receivers in the first round instead of a good o-linemen at least get a few in FA if you're going to get another WR .
  4. 49erGenius

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    Yeah, it's amazing. Detroit couldn't get an Oline and we couldn't set up a no. 1 WR and we got to replace Allen/Jennings on the left side. RIght now, the 49ers resemble a burnt area that needs serious fixing. I'm encouraged by this hire, but I hope we can get some good players either FA or draft.
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    Allen at this stage of his career it isn't going to be hard to replace. I think Baas may move over to the left side like he played in college.
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    They did... and yet...

    I mean it's not like CJ sucks, far from it, but come on, I mean Patrick Willis, LaRon Landry, Adrian Peterson, and oh yeah Joe Thomas were guys they needed BADLY but Millen I guess gets his information from mock drafts.
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    Millen refuses to address needs.

    He is not smart.
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    What WRs should the 49ers pick up in the draft?