49ers LB Ahmad Brooks Could Face Discipline Even If Prosecutors Don't Charge Him

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    While the Santa Clara County District Attorney's office remains unclear on how to pursue a case against Ahmad Brooks, the 49ers linebacker could be disciplined by the league even if the case is dropped by prosecutors.

    In 2007 the NFL expanded its personal conduct policy, stating that NFL employees are held to a higher standard and that the absence of criminal charges or being found not guilty does not allow someone to avoid league discipline, which can include fines, suspension or banishment from the league. The district attorney's office is investigating a June 8 incident in which Brooks allegedly struck teammate Lamar Divens three times with a beer bottle, punched him in the head and also allegedly threatened to retrieve a gun, according to witness accounts found in court records.

    Brooks, 29, has at least one prior incident that would fall under the personal conduct policy, a 2008 arrest in which he was accused of punching a woman in the eye in Kentucky.

    The league also reserves the right to consider behavior that occurred before a player joined the NFL andBrooks had frequent run-ins at the University of Virginia which eventually led to his dismissal from the team.

    Source: Sacramento Bee
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    Suspend him a game for being a jackass
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    What is funny is that player arrests have INCREASED since Goodell instituted his tougher policies.

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    wow didn't know that
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    666 NFL players arrested since 2000. That's more than the MLB, NBA, and NHL combined
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    The NFL also has a crapload more active players to arrest at any given time. 53 man rosters versus basketballs 12, MLB's 25, and whatever hockey has, not a lot. When you have more total players, by what at a glance looks like a pretty considerable margin, than those three leagues combined, common sense should tell you that you'll have more of any given whatever as well. Except maybe Canadians, pretty sure hockey has that market cornered. Im fairly sure that I read somewhere recently that the NBA has the highest arrest/player ratio, but I could be wrong.
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    That's really not the point here. If you combine the MLB, NBA, and NHL there would be 7 more players per active roster.
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    one of the articles recently talked about the arrests between all of the major sports. as a %, the NBA has the most arrests. the NFL is 2nd.