49ers May Be Interested In Former NFL QB Pat White

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by Sweets, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Former West Virginia quarterback Pat White is attempting to resurrect his NFL career, and he may have a suitor in the San Francisco 49ers.

    The Niners are thin at quarterback behind Colin Kaepernick, and coach Jim Harbaugh reached out to White about setting up a private workout.

    "Coach and I had a conversation about me coming in to work out,'' White told USA Today on Sunday. "We haven't set up a formal date. I'm just going to make sure I keep working hard for when that day comes."

    White participated in West Virginia's Pro Day in front of several teams earlier this month, as he caught the eye of Harbaugh, who is in the market for a quarterback to push Kaepernick. And, given White's skill set, he seems to be an ideal backup in the 49ers' read-option offense.

    For his part, White sounds smitten with the idea of moving out west and playing for Harbaugh.

    "I pay attention to how his players react to Coach Harbaugh," White told the paper. "They all want to win for him. And he seems to treat them how they want to be treated. I'm excited to get to know him on that level -- if I do get that opportunity. I'm very optimistic about making it back to the NFL."

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    FINALLY a coach that is looking to sign a backup QB with a similar skill set as the starter...not enough teams do that...

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    Ya I agree. If Harbs feels that his skill set is still there and he's a better option than drafting one of the guys coming up from college this year, then why not. He definitely won't come close to breaking the bank. And they're pretty high on Scott in case something happens to Kaep.
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    Meh, just another camp arm like ole Joshy Johnson was last year.
  5. VICK#7


    When the Jets cut TEBOW... the 49ers would be good option for him...
    " Read Option " back up Colin.
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    No, they would not be. I'd rather have Pat White.

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    Ya, I'd say pass on Tebow
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    Could back up Vernon Davis...
  9. The Red

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    I'd take Tebow over White, but honestly I don't want either.