49ers Sign Veteran Free Agent Cornerback Dre' Bly

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    Veteran cornerback Dre' Bly has signed a one-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers, who moved quickly to fill the spot created by Walt Harris' knee injury. The Denver Broncos released Bly in a salary dump in February after he spent two of his 10 NFL seasons with the club, starting all 32 games and intercepting seven passes. Bly was chosen for two Pro Bowls during his four seasons with the Detroit Lions, and he won a championship during four years with the St. Louis Rams. "We lost a Pro Bowl-caliber player in Walt Harris this week, and we were able to fill that void with another Pro Bowler in Dre Bly," 49ers general manager Scot McCloughan said. "It was important to get Dre in here quickly so that he can get acquainted with our system, our coaches and his new teammates."

    Source: San Francisco Chronicle
  2. theeraser21

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    that was fast. I think Spencer will still be ther starter on wek one, unless he gets hurt again
  3. BarlOwens

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    Kind of pointless...why draft all these cb's if your not going to actually give them a chance...Shouldn't be too hard for him to outplay the season Harris had last year..
  4. 86WARD

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    They're probably looking for some sort of veteran presence back there in case the rooks don't work out...
  5. BarlOwens

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    rooks? we are talking about guys who have been on the team anywhere from 2-5 years...lol...
  6. 86WARD

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    My bad...I thought you were referring to the 2009 draft...
  7. CaptainStubing

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    i like the fact that it's a short, 1-year deal just as a stop gap. i hope it wasn't much money, though. the fact that mcloughan refers to him as a 'pro-bowler' makes me think they may be overrating his talent, as many teams have done before them.
  8. 86WARD

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    I think Dre' Bly had a lot of potential...he was just one of those guys that never lived up to the hype...
  9. theeraser21

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    tis is the reason the 49ers are a joke (no offense)
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    Dry Bly is horrible. He was one of the big reasons on why we were able to split the series with Denver the last two years.
  11. CaptainStubing

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    good point. when bly first came over, he had a lot of respect among many players and fans of the league (heck, how much money did the broncos pay him anyway?)

    however, the fact that teams were too afraid to throw to champ bailey's side, they spent their time throwing at bly and teams realized that it was easy. much of the 'respect' that bly built in detroit was due to the fact that the rest of their secondary was SO bad that he never got tested. teams could just rape the rest of the defense and didn't even have to test Bly.

    Once Bly actually had to get tested in Denver, he failed miserably.
  12. krfire

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    He could be the nickleback at best. He can't keep up with the youngsters anymore, but he might be able to provide some veteran knowledge for the young guys. My 2 cents.
  13. theeraser21

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    KFFL is showing that Bly got signed for the vet minimum
  14. CaptainStubing

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    ok. if it was the vet minimum, then i completely agree with bringing him in for a year. low risk.
  15. kchubb

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    9ers Sign CB Bly

    So Walt went out for probably the season... How do you guys feel about it?
  16. Lord_Joe

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    im fine with it. hes getting on and not the corner he once was. Housh will eat him alive RAWR!
  17. Fricker 4

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    i thought this was pointless till i read info on the deal.

    UPDATE: How hungry is Bly? According to a league source, he accepted a one-year, $845,000 contract. That's the minimum amount for a player with 10 years experience. Bly has made a lot of money, averaging $6.5 million a year in the past six seasons, so perhaps we can take him at his word that he was not motivated by money to sign this contract.
    He(BLY) spoke with former (and new) teammate Isaac Bruce last night. He said Bruce helped raise him in the NFL. Bly broke into the league with the Rams, playing his first four seasons in St. Louis. He said he decided to sign with the 49ers, in large part, to play for Singletary.
    "Just looking at what coach Singletary has done with the team, looking at who he's been his whole life, as a player and respecting the game like he did," Bly said. "Look at what he did when he took over San Fran. It's an up-and-coming team with a lot of promise.
  18. Roy31

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    This has the potential to be the best off-season signing of these off-season in my opinion. Bly still has above average speed and has always been a playmaker.