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Discussion in 'GridironFans Support' started by Crowned, Feb 24, 2008.

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    I don't get why some of these people won't login/register and post I honestly think a lot of people just look at the news , and don't realize this site is a forum because I used to do the same thing back in early 06 I would just look at the main page and think it was only a NFL news site.
  2. Paul33

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    Because most of the time people just state the obvious or something stupid in response to the news articles. Very rarely do you get any sensible discussion or debate as a result.
  3. SRW

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    Paul....you know...you could try and spark up sensible discussion or debate.
  4. afjay

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    I'm not sure why, it's not like you can look at many articles before being told to sign in.
  5. Paul33

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    I have on occasion tried, but most of these threads just end up with throwaway statements like "Good signing", "He blows" before they fade into obscurity.
  6. Flaxe1

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    People express their thoughts and try to add on to the news. Yes, some of them are pointless one word responses, but that's why their posted in the forum section, to be discussed.
  7. SRW

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    Here's a question for you Paul....do you genuinely want to help the site?
  8. Paul33

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    I'm interested in increasing my NFL knowledge by reading varied views and opinions of other fans. Especially those of other teams that I don't have time to see so often.

    You have no doubt noticed I have been giving young Andy a fair bit of grief. I'm familiar with Andy from the NFLUK forum and I do it partly because ( I think) he realises it's partly in jest but also partly serious.

    He typifies this site in many ways for me- it's obvious he has a keen interest in the NFL, but often falls foul of making cliched, overstated and throwaway comments that do little to stimulate debate and usually attract a "WTF" type of reaction.

    There is little point calling me out on my efforts (or lack of)to stimulate debate- it takes at least two people to have one and as I have said more often than not the threads that follow the news items often just result in basic one line responses that add very little.
  9. SRW

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    Well then maybe a good start (for you at least) would be to practice what you preach.

    Let's take a look at your contributions to the Latest NFL Headlines forum since you registered. You yourself say you have tried to get sensible discussion going but throwaway comments are killing any chance of threads progressing, right? Well....it's an interesting take coming from someone who's history to this point comes well short when it comes to NFL discussion on the site.

    Now....a history lesson....

    Paul33's History In the Latest NFL Headlines Forum:

    Your first contribution to the Latest NFL Headlines Forum....which you yourself delete. Great first attempt at discussing the NFL on the site. The ironic part? andy82 posts right after you with something to add to the discussion:
    Jaguars Place WR John Broussard On Injured Reserve

    We'll give you a pass on this one Paul....maybe this is an attempt at moving the discussion along? I am pretty sure it's just another shot at what you percieve to be a throwaway comment by andy82...yet the ironic thing is he has more to add to the conversation at hand than you here:
    Redskins Hire Jim Zorn As Their New Head Coach

    Here's another example of the attempts at NFL discussion by Paul. Not one, but two posts that have nothing to do with the discussion at hand and are just shots at andy82:
    Cardinals Place Franchise Tag On LB Karlos Dansby (1st post)
    Cardinals Place Franchise Tag On LB Karlos Dansby (2nd post)

    OMG! Stop the press! Paul33 not only stays on topic, but he doesn't take a shot at andy82 here!
    Patriots WR Donte Stallworth Likely To Be Cut Feb.25th

    Here's a thread about Rex Grossman where you chime in some discussion only to throw in another shot at andy82 that has no place in the NFL forums:
    Bears GM Reiterates Desire To Keep QB Rex Grossman

    Another thread...and another throwaway comment by Paul33 directed at andy82 that has nothing to do with the topic:
    Eagles Targeting Patriots CB Asante Samuel?

    Here you redeem yourself with something that adds to the discussion, with a nice shot at andy82 to preface your comments:
    Eagles Targeting Patriots CB Asante Samuel?

    And here is your contribution to this thread where all you do is snitch instead of add anything to the discussion:
    No Market For Ex-Patriots WR Donte Stallworth (1st Post)
    No Market For Ex-Patriots WR Donte Stallworth (2nd Post)
    Now....it seems to me your gripe seems to be with one member, andy82 and frankly...you should add yourself to the list of members who are stifling conversation. Of the 31 posts you have had on the site only 10 have been in the NFL News section. Of those 10? maybe 3 1/2 posts help the threads progress.

    There's an old saying....."Don't tell me about the splinter in my eye when there is a rafter in yours". It applies here. You are not above reproach here, especially when you are the one questioning the posting techniques of the site as a whole here. You came into this site and passed judgement on everyone here. Little did you realize the very actions you were throwing your nose up at were the same actions you have been guilty of.

    So.,...want to help the site? Then be the better and bigger man. Talk football, get others involved. In time others will follow suit and the climate will change. Stop being part of the problem....be part of the solution.
  10. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    damn SRW busted out the hard evidence.
  11. Paul33

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    Why have you gone to the trouble of posting all those links just to prove something I've already confessed to quite openly?

    I just told you that I "know" Andy from NFLUK and part of my replies are in jest to try and probe his one liners into further discussion.

    The Zorn one is an interesting example. You say he adds more to the discussion than myself. But all he says is "this move makes no sense". But why doesn't it? He gives no reasons for these statements.

    My post about Broussard was deleted it seems so I can't be sure what was said there, but his "contribution" was just an obvious cliched reference to Matt Jones being a bust. I don't recall the exact comments, but it was just some lame comment about our "average WR" corps, which is a) boring and b) relatively inaccurate.

    My so called snitching in the recent thread was not what I call snitching, it simply seemed odd that the headline seemed to insinuate that Stallworth could be struggling to find a job, yet the article goes on to suggest two very realistic potential suitors for Stallworth. I don't see my comments as snitching, merely pointing out the irony of the headline, which in turn could have (and still might) stimulated debate on the potential destination of Stallworth.

    It seems you have a lot of time on your hands to be going through my post history to "prove a point", so really if you are calling me out on my behaviour towards Andy- which I have already admitted to doing anyway- then shouldn't I call you out on this little antic.

    What exactly have you proved by doing this?
  12. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

    My point is simple...you have no room to complain about a lack of NFL discussion on this forum.

    It didn't take too much time to go over the 31 post history that is your account here. You complain about the site yet you do nothing to add to it.

    The funniest part? While you snitch and complain about andy82? He's actually stepped up to help the site by volunteering his time to post NFL news. He actually is going out of his way to help the site, not bring it down like you do.

    So in conclusion....please spare us your andy82 crusade and your complaints about a lack of discussion until you actually try to add to them. You hung yourself the moment you said you have tried to discuss football here. Your actions show different. Trying to convince yourself otherwise is just lying to yourself. The proof is there for you and all to see.
  13. Paul33

    Paul33 Guest

    Get over the andy82 thing. I've admitted that was done for whatever personal reason and it hasn't happened since the Fight Club thread.

    The Zorn one as I say was a fair comment, he said it made no sense but failed to say why. I wanted him to elaborate, but he chose not to. End of discussion.

    The Bears one about Grossman was perfectly valid. Andy's comments about
    Jerry Angelo needing his brain scanned were way over the top for one thing and secondly I brought discussion to the table by making the Leftwich comparisons.

    The Eagles one, I admit I did take a potshot but once again it was only because Andy again claimed it made no sense, without saying why. THis time he did expand by suggesting they had CB's so didn't need Samuel. I used the Pashos example of how teams don't just try to address the gaping holes, but also look to upgrade positions that may not necessarily appear to be weak spots. The "preface" to which you tried to discredit that perfectly reasonable post was only made because I was referencing Andy's comment about me lynching him, which was probably in jest anyway on his part.

    As I say, God only knows why you have quoted that Stallworth thread- that's a valid reaction. A headline that suggests he will struggle to find work, then citing two potential fits? I simply pointed out the inconsistency.

    As I say, forget the Andy stuff. That's spilled over from a different forum so maybe I was wrong to let it come over here. But I don't really think Andy is too bothered by my jabs- he seems a thick skinned lad who can give as good as he gets.

    I'm simply giving honest views. I have found discussion here difficult, outside of the Andy crusade as you put it. As I say, I find most articles just get a few basic responses like "good signing", "he sucks" and other things like that. It's hard to realistically respond to that type of thing.

    I don't profess to be a fountain of knowledge, as I said I use forums to learn and get varied opinions of other fans. I don't necessarily have a view on the Zorn hire, because frankly I have nothing to base it on. But it's for that reason I keep my mouth shut and don't make throwaway comments like "that makes no sense" when realistically I have no idea if it makes sense or not.

    It seems you already have be pigeonholed, but I'm just trying to be honest and say it as I see it. And this is how I see it. And bear in mind somebody else started this thread.
  14. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

    Fair enough. You were the one however who made this statement in this thread:
    That statement got the ball rolling.

    Like I said before.....you can choose to talk NFL in the NFL forums. Nobody cares about the andy82 issue and it has no place in the NFL forums. That's what the Fight Club and PMs are for. Take that issue up in there.

    Do I have you pigeonholed? Maybe so....but put yourself in my shoes. All I have to go by on is your posts on the site. You registered last July and have all of 33 posts. It seems obvious to me you are not interested in being a part of this community. It also seems something of late has stirred you to post some more. Too bad for us most of your posts have been directed at andy82. You only have yourself to blame for being pigeonholed. And only you can change people's perception.
  15. Paul33

    Paul33 Guest

    That statement got the ball rolling, because somedody else started this thread questioning the lack of activity. I gave my reasons why maybe I don't get as involved as I might. Whether or not you think my comments are fair or not is irrelevant- I simply gave my opinions on why I don't post as much as I potentially could.

    For the third time, you call me out over Andy 82. For the 3rd time I will inform you of the fact that it is now done and dusted. You are the one who now keeps bringing his name up even more so than I have. I have already taken that matter to Fight Club and as you will notice there have been no Andy related interactions in the NFL sections.

    I registered ages ago for one reason and one reason only. Monietooth, who used to do a blog here and he asked me to register here so I could vote for him. But I guess you already know that as I admitted this in my very first post and since you have just read my entire history, then you will have seen this already.

    The fact I "only" have 33 posts is a naive comment- just because I choose to read more than I post doesn't make me any more or less committed. I've seen people rattle off 800+ posts in two weeks here recently, please don't tell me you use post count to judge a "true committed fan". So what if someone has 800 posts in two weeks, as I say most of them are probably of the one line variety that I have already commented on.

    I keep repeating the same points because you keep repeating the same criticisms so this will go around in circles. You tell me only I can change the way you perceive me, but then I need something in return to change my perception of the forum.

    Like I said before, it takes at least two to have a discussion- I can't talk to myself. I can only respond and discuss the material put before me, which takes us back to the reason somebody else started this thread- he feels as I do, that the forum is lacking in good discussion as many people are happy to read the news items, but feel there is no real incentive to post.
  16. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

    Please.....stop acting like you are trying to discuss football on this site. Your your own posts show otherwise. If you are talking to yourself on this site maybe it's because 3 1/2 (and I am being generous) posts of yours in the headlines section have stayed on topic. You have not given this site anything to discuss, either in quantity or quality.

    You keep trying to deflect this on everyone but yourself. Take a deep breath....take a step back...and ask yourself "what I can I do to make it better?". Now, if you don't care? Then this is all mute.
  17. Paul33

    Paul33 Guest

    Please read my posts properly. I am not trying to pretend I have tried to discuss football, my point is I find it difficult therefore I haven't done so.

    My point isn't about the 33 posts I have made- I have already admitted to most of those being part of this andy82 thing which is now over with.

    The point isn't the 33 posts I have made, it's about the hundreds I could have made but haven't because I've struggled to find enough discussion to respond to.

    I am not deflecting anything, I simply answered the OP's original query giving MY PERSONAL REASONS why I PERSONALLY don't post that much even though I am on the site, which was the point he makes with the 5 members, 88 guests title.
  18. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

    Then be part of the solution....want to discuss football more here? Then fire off the first salvo....give people something to talk about. Less excuses....more action.

    Wow...it's like talking to a brick wall....
  19. Paul33

    Paul33 Guest

    Do you know what, just forget it already.

    The irony is that I have actually stimulated the longest discussion I have had about this dumb topic. I simply gave my own reasons why I felt members were online but not logged in and posting, by citing the reasons why I personally find myself in that very situation.

    Only to then be presented with some critique of my entire posting history when the point is why people are NOT posting that is the center of this debate. What did that prove that I haven't already admitted to.

    This argument is pointless and going around in circles because you keep asking the same questions that I have answered about 3 or 4 times now.

    Let's just call it a day and see what happens......

    I know the feeling. You keep making the same points that I have responded to over and over.
  20. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

    Answers? All you give are excuses. Your actions contradict your argument yet you are too concerned with sweating the details.

    You know....I think it's obvious this site is not for you. I guess the real question is...why do you bother to even come here? it's obvious to me your opinion of our members is not too high so why put up with them? You seem to enjoy NFLUK, why not stay there then?