AFC Executive Says He'll Likely Not Take Boston College LB Mark Herzlich

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  1. Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich's well-known story is inspiring — after a junior season that had him projected as a first-round pick, Herzlich learned the searing pain in his left thigh was Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. His own doctors long ago declared Herzlich cancer-free, thanks to an aggressive treatment of chemotherapy and 50 rounds of radiation. The NFL team that selects Herzlich would be making a fairly sizable financial investment in him. It wants to know that Herzlich is healthy, what the chances are that his cancer will return (he’s been told 2 percent, tops), and how capable he is physically of playing linebacker at the highest level. At the Senior Bowl, one AFC personnel executive said he likely wouldn’t draft Herzlich based on his medical history.

    Source: Boston Globe