AFC West Team By Team Draft Grades

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    Den - I still don't like the fact they decided to pass on Dareus who would solve there runs topping needs for a LB that was a better fit in the defense they use to run. I like the Moore pick he upgrades the back of the D. But failing to get a run stopping DT hurts this draft

    Grade C+

    KC - While Many feel they reached for Baldwin. I think it was a solid pick. I really like the Hudson pick provides youth to an aging position. I also like the Houston pick that late to compliment Hali. Especially, on third downs. They found a NT who I think might end up starting for them this year in Powe.

    Grade B

    Oak - While I like the Stefen Wisniewski and Barksdale picks the Raiders again went with Speed for the majority of the draft. I don't think much of Van d**e and was Jones really necessary when they already have DMC?

    Grade C-

    SD - Having ranked #1 in offense and top 3 in defense they failed to make the playoffs. So what do they do? They add more pieces. To help out the defense and special teams unit. Since they had a horrible special teams unit which may have cost them a shot at the playoffs.

    Grade B