Aikman: Barber's To Blame

Discussion in 'New York Giants' started by Omen, Sep 7, 2007.

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    iki Barber's presence in the Giants' backfield was immense, but Troy Aikman said he believes Barber's attitude off the field is one of the reasons the team did not win a Super Bowl during his career. "When you look at the Giants, and you say, why haven't they been able to accomplish more, and you see some of the things we have witnessed, like Tiki Barber's comments regarding Eli Manning, I don't think you have to look much further than that and say maybe now I understand why that team has underachieved," said Aikman, a former Cowboys quarterback now an NFL analyst for FOX........... Jimmy Johnson, coach of the Cowboys during their dynasty, said Barber is forgetting how Coughlin helped him overcome his fumbling woes. "If it hadn't been for Tom Coughlin, Tiki Barber might not have even been playing the last couple of years," Johnson said. "If he kept on dropping the ball the way he was, he would have been over on the sidelines. I guess when he started broadcasting he got smarter and forgot about all of that."

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    I agree, especially on the fumble problem.

    If it wasn't for him, I doubt Tiki would have been that much better.
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    Agreed, Barber's an ungrateful snitch who thinks he's high and mighty now because he can hide behind a microphone.
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    Pretty much, he'll calm down, hopefully his radio show fails.
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    yup dude straight out did a snitch move
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    sucks.. -_-
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    Its always easy for idiots to forget their roots and the people who helped them become what they are.....No worries for Tiki as he won't have to worry about who speaks at his nonexistent hall of fame induction,
  8. HailttRedskins

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  9. Greg Brosh

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    Yeah, I must admit I liked Tiki when he was with the Giants. As an Eagles fan, that's hard to admit. But I always thought he and his brother were classy people.

    Now he's just a rod to me
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    man, i hated aikman & johnson as a rival fan but i respected troy's talent in a big way and johnson coached the cowboys to multiple titles for a reason.. major kudos to them both here for calling out tinki barber. what a POS this guy is turning out to be.
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    Barber looks terrible on TV, he's got no neck and his mouth takes up half his face...he looked like a little troll last night on the postgame show with Al and John. And he's really not insightful neither.

    I think had he played RB anywhere else but way he's an analyst this year.
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    Tiki is an butt.