All is Lost in Brooklyn as New Look Nets Drop Opener… and other healthy sports exaggerations

Discussion in 'Basketball Talk' started by SportsChump, Jan 22, 2021.

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    The New Look Nets lost Wednesday evening to an undermanned and clearly inferior Cleveland Cavaliers team. It was the first time the NBA’s newest power trio, comprised of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden, all played together in a Brooklyn uniform. The game went into double overtime and was finally won by the Cavs thanks to the scorching hot hand of Collin Sexton, who scored 15 in that double overtime period to seal the game.

    A lot will be said about how the Nets lost to a team that won’t make the playoffs, how they’ll need time to gel and work on their rhythm and how the sky is falling after just one game. “It won’t work!” some will assuredly shout. “Too many egos and not enough basketballs!” you’ll hear. Well, I’m here to assure you this team will be just fine. In fact, I have a feeling they’ll be scary fine. As long as they can just, as my golf coach would say, be their best selves.

    I know it’s a little late for Christmas wishes but I have one left under the tree. I want a Nets-Lakers Finals so bad I can taste it. I can assure you… so does the NBA front office.

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    The Knicks will always own New York. The Nets could bring LeBron, clone MJ and Kobe and Shaq and whoever...and they will still be the second team in NYC.
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    As a Sixers fan I certainly hope it implodes. I really hated the Nets a couple of years ago but not as much since Jared Dudley is no longer there. I really hope the lack of defense does become their downfall. They will be fun to watch (lose) for sure though.
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    Up until the Harden signing, I would normally agree with you. But why aren't people going to play there anymore? When's the last time you heard an NBA superstar say "I want to play for the Knicks?
    Why would athletes like those three choose Brooklyn over the Mecca? Is it Dolan? It's the culture, man, that needs a desperate overhaul.

    The Knicks haven't been relevant in so long, not even the league's biggest superstars have given it a sniff. Instead they choose Brooklyn, and why wouldn't they?

    The franchise can no longer cling to its glory days of the 1970s and assume superstars will just wanna play there.

    Something must be done.
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    After an 0-2 start, it looks like the Nets are far closer to imploding than I assumed. They can't run through the season playing three-on-five.

    That being said, come June, I have a feeling they'll have this roster shored up. It's the chemistry teams like Philly and others in the East have built that will ultimately top Brooklyn if they don't get their s**t together.
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    The Sixers swept the Celtics. Doc Rivers and their improved roster has the team looking really good right now. Ben Simmons will have to step up his offensive game if they are going to go really deep though. He's got a ton of talent but I really question his heart. Being afraid to take short to mid range jumpers is really bizarre.
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    Everybody who has played for the Knicks in the past 20+ years says everybody just plays harder in MSG. That's one of the reasons the team has struggled for so long.

    Also, take a look at twitter when the Knicks win...earlier this year, during the 4-game winning streak (SO IMPRESSIVE) all hell broke loose.

    The Nets are just irrelevant. They always will be...
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    Either way, we should be in for a helluva Eastern Conference playoffs.