All NFL Teams Allowed To Speak With Unrestricted Free Agents On Saturday?

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  1. The proposed CBA approved by the owners allows for all teams to begin negotiating with restricted, unrestricted, and college free agents this Saturday. As it turns out, that 72-hour window for teams to sign their own free agents won't include "exclusive" negotiations. This change, as pointed out by Gregg Rosenthal of Pro Football Talk, will go a long way toward eliminating the NFL's perennial tampering problem. The upshot is that there's nothing stopping a team like the Broncos or Dolphins from recruiting free agent running back DeAngelo Williams as early as Saturday -- as long as the players approve the CBA on Friday. One team cannot sign another team's free agent before Wednesday, however.

    Source: Pro Football Talk:
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    As long as the players approve the CBA Friday...

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