American Indians In Supreme Court Over Redskins Trademark

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    Did anyone offer them season tickets to drop the suit along with all the firewater they can drink at the games? That should work. I'd vote to change the name to the Whiteskins, but that just doesn't sound that tough. Besides, just WTF would you use as a mascot?
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    Bah I hate it when people freak out about the most rediculous things. I mean its a football team playing a game... simple as that... How is that offensive? unless they hate how much they lose and that alone is why they are offended... lol wouldnt that be HI....larious if I was one of the judges I would laugh and be like, "Its a game they arent going around naked and scalping people desguised as actual Redskins"...... now lets smoke the peice pipe and call it a day hmmm?
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    The thing I'm most interested in is the fact that they are fighting over the trademark...
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    i am so done with the non-anglo saxon protestants whining and snitching and complaining in this country about how bad they have it and how the white man is disrespecting them .......... give it a freaking rest.
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    i am tired of it too but this is one exception.
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    It's an exception because it's the name of a rival NFC East team correct?
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    ignorance is bliss in your case.
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    Whatever helps you sleep at night, big boy. :icon_thumright:
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    I got neg repped for this.:laughy32: from a guy called Warchief. Too freaking funny. This is the hardest I've laughed all week. Thanks for that Chief.:thumb:
    Chief, do you know that if you are Native American, the Government will really take care of you with grants for an education, and even in starting your own business. :icon_smile: While you White People have to get loans, and pay it all back.
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    That is priceless...
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    [ame=""]YouTube - family guy hand full of peter[/ame]
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    hmm yeah but we arent talking about that. maybe you should get adopted in 2 a native clan and get schooled about rasism.
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    You still haven't figured it out:icon_cheesygrin: Carry on Chief. If you were Native American, you too could have had all your education paid, and know how to spell RACISM. I'll work on being more tolerant of my fellow man. LOL.
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    bump 4 some schooling

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    sorry about that spell check. but hey since you arent tolerant of native americans we should get you in school 4 that anyways.

    and taking everything that the Native Americans have ever wanted. and giving them school just makes everything in the past 250 years better.
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    Many races and nationalities have been screwed by invaders over time even White Christians. It's how you move on from that, which determines your plight. There are many programs here to help the miniorities if they desire to use them. Trouble is many don't. They are content to stay where they are with government assistance, which in the long term produces generations of non achievers. Don't think all Indians and Blacks are happy with that scenario. Some are very critical of their people with good reason. The Jews have been the most persecuted of any race/nationality, but have overcome and prospered. That I respect.
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    dude you have no clue to think that American Natives have it just as well as any other minority. they are "Natives", and are fighting to have a voice in their own land. but this is a topic that is a prime example as American Natives have no voice. and this is a simple trademark.
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    To be honest it's just a team nickname, and although it's not the most PC thing in the world, at least it shows that America has progress when Natives of this generation are moaning about a Sports Team Name, rather than rounded up and being treated like animals like previous generations have.

    And Natives not having a voice in their own land? 40 years ago, blacks were being beaten, now there's one in the White House. Like TOPDAWG stated, it's about how you overcome the past and progress. Maybe Natives would have a voice if it wasn't for them putting all their efforts into a petty dispute over a teamname.
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    1st off this isn't about what grants are out there for native americans. bringing that up is a cop out and has NOTHING to do with the name.

    also, andy all the energy isnt going into this and it isnt petty. redskin is no different than ni***r. you can bet every freaking penny you'll ever make that name would've been changed it if it the name was ni***r or spic.

    i am not a PC nancy. i could give two craps about most of the whining by minorities because it's bullcrap and to me there's not one other name that refers to native americans that should be viewed as offensive. this is the team that plays for the capital of this country. it needs to be changed. they dont deserve money from it but it should be changed.

    they changed the name of the basketball team there because they were called the bullets and it was thought by some that glorified guns when in fact they were named after the metroliner trains that run from d.c. to boston. to me that was bullcrap, but this is different and should be done.
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    So you don't think that it's partially to due with the fact that it's a constant reminder of the crap the Natives were put through? Sure it not the best way of doing it but as long as the NFL lasts it's always a vivid reminder.