American Indians In Supreme Court Over Redskins Trademark

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    Most Indians don't really give a crap, according to how few are involved with this suit. I was at a Cree POW WOW in Canada in July, while I was on my fishing trip. If I would have thought of it, I would have put up the question to see what the response would have been. Maybe next one.
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    these are not the only efforts that Native Americans put their energy into. this only has light because it has something to do with a current American culture. and Native Americans have made plenty of progress but are still fighting for simple things that were promised by this country, and have yet to do them. It just doesnt shead light to the non-native cultures because it has no meaning to them. but this one does, and its the natives fault for wanting it to be corrected. right....

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    and the Cree speek for all Native Americans. and why did the Cree end up in Canada?
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    So I was watching Conan the other night and he was talking about this, and he said they were going to agree to change their name from the Washington Redskins to the Maryland Redskins. True story.
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    yeah i saw that. it was a hohum joke.
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    There are many business that have names that could be taken as Racist...... doesnt mean they all should changed.... they would probably end up just offending a whole diffrent group.

    Simply put its a football team playing a football game.... the washington Redskins arent exactly making Bills to pass through congress. Whether the name gets changed or not.. how is that going the improve the Native Americans way of life?
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    some people just miss the point.
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    there are more battles than this name change. you see this case because its shead light on something you care about.
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    Eh I could care less if the skins change their name or not.......

    I am not picketing the "Cracker Barrel" because the word cracker is used to insult white people.

    God lets hope the pirates don't make a come back or the Buccaneers are really going to be in for it.....
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    maybe but last I checked the topic of this thread is about the native indians fighting to get a football teams named changed and nothing else.
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    you asked how is it going to help Native Americans with this name change, and i was pointing out that you dont see the other battles because the issues dont bother you. And this NFL thing is something you do care about.
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    Next thing you know they will be talks about the Giants being offensive to tall people:icon_rolleyes:
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    Crap let this crap go.
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    I want to start the Petition for the dolphins to change their name! It is cruel and demeaning to assosiate hard hitting tackles with poor innocent dolphins :p

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    Multiple theories fight for prominence as to the true historical origin of the word 'redskin.' One theory, mentioned above, is that the term was meant as merely a physical indicator, similar to the words "white" and "black" for Caucasians and African Americans, respectively. Another theory holds that it was first used by Native Americans during the 1800s as a way of distinguishing themselves from the ever-growing white population. An often mentioned third but not proven." origin involves the bloody skins (red-skins) of Native people as "prizes," in which they would be scalped after battle and their skins bought and sold in local towns. To date there is no historical documentation or evidence to support this theory.

    One complaint filed stated: "The term 'redskin' was and is a pejorative, derogatory, denigrating, offensive, scandalous, contemptuous, disreputable, disparaging and racist designation for a Native American person." Despite these attempts, the use of the word 'redskin' as an NFL mascot has yet to be revoked.

    In 1997 Jill Cadreau, a Milford High School student, became a young activist for Native American rights when she demanded the word "Redskins" stop being used as the name for the school's mascot and sports teams. Jill and much of the American Indian community thought the word carried a negative connotation and attempted to justify racism that still existed in the school. After long meetings with the Milford School Board and much support from the local American Indian community, the Huron Valley Board of Education ruled in favor of a Native American victory with a 6-0 vote in 1997. Jill was a leader for the campaign that forced her high school to eliminate all references to American Indians in the names and images of school mascots.


    to me, i just think that this is sad that a high school student gets this.