Anderson Silva Does Whatever A Spider Can

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    If Anderson Silva's deconstruction of Forrest Griffin didn't impress you enough, FightMetric offers up some pretty impressive stats:

    * Silva landed 13 of 25 total strikes, for an accuracy percentage of 52%. Silva has still never had a fight in which he landed less than half his attempted strikes.

    * If you want to consider Silva's head movement, consider that Griffin landed 1 of 35 strikes thrown to Silva's head, or 3%. The average is 29%.

    * With his three knockdowns against Griffin, Silva becomes the only fighter in UFC history with two fights containing three knockdowns. He also did it in the second fight against Rich Franklin.

    * The three knockdowns also moves Silva into second place for most knockdowns in UFC history, behind only Chuck Liddell.

    Source: Bloody Elbow
  2. warcrychief

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    I still feel Forrest Threw the fight.
  3. hermhater

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    You're wrong.
  4. warcrychief

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    what you mean?...he walked out right after he rolled over and acted hurt.
  5. hermhater

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    The report is that he suffered a dislocated jaw.

    I feel that he either was injured and needed immediate medical attention so he left the ring to get it quick.

    The jab was probably the thing that made him go down for good.

    Forrest is a freaking warrior he was going forward the entire time even when he was getting his face knocked.

    Anderson said come on, Forrest tried to oblige and got put out of the fight.
  6. warcrychief

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    The only Post 101 UFC fight interview i could find of Forrest. he didnt even stick around 2 talk to D. White. All i can see in his eyes are $$

    [ame=]YouTube - UFC 101 : FORREST GRIFFIN ON ROUGH[/ame]
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    forrest is a poor loser. he did the same thing (ran out of the ring) in his fight with jardine when he was ktfo and he did it in this fight. it shows no respect to your opponent.